The science of the supernatural and the study of paranormal


Today I was thinking about writing about a new science that appeared in modern times, a science of parapsychologyIn the beginning, I would like to make it clear to your civilizations that this science is not based on scientific foundations but depends on the phenomena of supernatural and invisible means if the science goes in the direction.
Parapsychology goes in exactly the opposite direction.The science depends on the senses (look, smell, touch, sense, hearing). The science of parapsychology depends on the post senses such as the sixth, seventh, eighth and even tenth of each study and will not touch the study of these senses in this subject, but in a separate subject I will talk about later.Parasicology is not the forerunner of science, but other trends are directed at the side of science, which is the spirits and the invisible senses and the use of supernatural or latent energies in man. It depends on the fact that every human being has a visible energy which shows his vision in his life and his energy is invisible. His subconscious mind and his unfamiliar senses, such as distance talking, remote telepathy, distance hearing, remote viewing, and so onIt has been noted that "an increasing number of people of different ages have the potential to perform actions that others can not do beyond the conventional cognitive range, including the ability to communicate dangerously with others and to see events beyond the normal sensory range that occur in the future, In people and other things, healing, moving things, hurting others, disrupting and destroying other things, etc.,These phenomena and abilities supernatural or sensual «because it does not depend on the five senses and has no income to them», and during the scientific revolution had to be above the sensory capabilities to reach the hand of science and graduated from the cocoon, to address them and subject to study and observation of scientific experimentation and measurement will necessarily help in Use and understanding of human nature more. Phenomenological phenomena and abilities such as visual risk, prediction and visualization have been tested and have been accepted by scientists. Moreover, there is evidence that most people have the capacity to discover and develop these abilities in themselves,
Definition of this science:
The second part is psychology and psychology. In the Arab world, there are those who call it "supernatural" and "spiritual" And he called the psychology of the sixth sense, but remained in his name for not agreeing on a unified Arab name,In 1889, the German philosopher Max Desoure was the first to use the term to refer to the scientific study of supra-sensory perception, psycho-spiritual movement, and other related phenomena and abilities. The labels were often referred to as "sai" The supernatural "supernatural" abilities such as risk, predictability, visual clarity, healing, moving objects, hypnotic hypnosis, exhalation, etc.,The approach used by this science is the modern scientific method with some of the development required by the nature of the phenomenon studied and this is the response to those who want to know «Is Parasicology science or not» is old in its phenomena and capabilities, new methods and methods and methods, and begins to understand and interpretation and passes the prediction Until it reaches the control and control of the capabilities it studies,

What is the purpose of this science?
Science is looking at the phenomenal phenomena that happen rarely to some people, which natural science is unable to find an explanation according to the laws of physical science known .. And also due to the emergence of this science seriously, it is possible to train on such things that have the capacity but does not appear Only after paying attention to developing these capabilities.

 The capabilities of science beyond the self
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Kinesis Abilities
The ability to control the energy of the movement, so that the object can be controlled or formed.
This is a list of all these capabilities
Telekinesie = The ability to move objects with the force of the mind and its cheekHydrokinesis = Ability to control waterCryokinesis = Ability to control temperature (freezing)Pyrokinesis = Ability to control fireGeokinesis = Ability to control the Earthhotokinesis = Ability to control lightMagnokinesis = Ability to control magnetic fieldsGyrokinesis = Ability to control gravityAerokinesis = Ability to control airElectrokinesis = Ability to control electricityAtmokinesis = Ability to control the atmosphereAudiokinesis = Ability to control soundBiokinesis = Ability to control body cellsChronokinesis = Ability to control timeLevitation = This ability is submerged under psychokinesis and is the ability to rise from the surface of the earth without any material assistance.Invisibility = the ability to hide by blocking light from the bodyTeleportation = the ability to move from one point to another through time and placeTele-visualization = the ability to remotely perceive telematicsPsychometry = is the ability to read things and know the events that are once upon themTelepathy = or telepathy is a kind of reading of ideas, and is done by connecting between the minds of individuals and without the need to speak, write or reference. This communication is also from far distances .Retrocognition = The ability to see past eventsPrecognition After looking or knowing the events before they occur. Such as the expectation of the death of a head of state or a disaster and other expectations.Clairvoyance = which means the sharpness of perception and the ability to see everything that is beyond the scope of sight as a close vision or friend is an accident despite the distance between them, and so on.Empathy = is the ability to feel feelings and empathyAstral protection = is an astral projection
Psychokinesis means supernatural powers to move things or their loins or the dough without being touched by the owner of that ability, but moved by looking at them only.Clair-audiance means the ability of the spiritual mediator to hear a specific voice or a musical piece of music. The audible evacuation may be natural or experiential; it may be tested if a complex body of sound is used such as a block and so on. Her mouth.

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 Parasicology and Informatics:
It is worth mentioning that after the studies and research of the phenomena and capabilities of parapsychology have been confirmed and confirmed to be true in some humans, intensive tests are being conducted in many countries of the world to benefit from them in various fields. Since the beginning of this century, scientists, To identify the different aspects of these phenomena and capabilities and identified almost different types, as the study was related to each other and benefit from their applications in various areas of military, medical, economic, political, industrial, agricultural and time and Geological and engineering, and in the application of individual capacities in the fields of daily life and others,Thus, the emergence of parapsychology as phenomenal phenomena and abilities - as a manifestation of God's ability to create it - and taught him scientific methods and tools adds to the revolution of science and information in that:
1 - provides a vast and deep and advanced information can not be any other means to do other than the human, through the use of cognitive abilities above the perception of information supernatural, it is a revolution within the information revolution witnessed by the current century,
2 - is a means of profound impact on the self or others or other things and therefore it is a revolution in the world of psychological, social and environmental change,
3. It is a new philosophy that considers man through his spiritual and spiritual dimensions as well as the rest of his other aspects. He tries to highlight aspects of the human personality that have been overlooked in human studies before, and this is equal to spiritual values ​​and does not contradict them.
4 - A new way that can revolutionize the world of human relations in society through the use of its techniques to know the appropriate means to deal with the counterpart, such as risk
5 - devising new means both in the methodology of research or the preparation of programs to launch and develop the potential of the human or in the creation of devices and tools used in it, such as Kansfield (full area)
6 - contribute effectively to social development through the use of its phenomena and capabilities in the areas of development, such as the discovery of water, minerals, oil and hospitalization, and knowledge of information by cognitive abilities,
7 - provides a model for the integration of science in its relations with each other and with philosophy and religion through his participation in trying to explain phenomena and abilities or uses with more than science such as healing with medicine and personality with psychology,The difference in the presence of these abilities in people may appear more strongly in some people than others, and it may appear in people who have certain characteristics more likely than their appearance in others, some studies indicated that the emergence of these abilities is stronger at Who have a belief in these capabilities as there is more evidence that confirmed the research trends on the positive relationship between the scores of tests of cognitive perception (ESP) and trends and features and personal characteristics and the belief in abilities above the sensory,
In any case, the emergence of many scientists, interested persons, institutes, universities and institutions in developed countries in establishing experimental methods and inventing different methods to detect the capabilities that fall within the field of (cognitive perception) and to benefit from them in various areas of life confirms the importance of these capabilities
It is recognized that increasing people with sensory abilities constantly means increasing the chances of society to benefit from them in various fields. However, achieving this efficiently requires that these people enjoy stability and psychological compatibility that allows them to launch these abilities, because the existence of needs, frustrations and internal conflicts without satisfying Or a solution will necessarily lead to their poor compatibility and therefore a defect in personality impedes the emergence and growth of these capabilities,
If there is a rare valuable sensitive device of great importance, there is no doubt that great efforts will be made in order to preserve it and take care of it and investigate the imbalances and repair before they hang, and those with the abilities of perception above the sensory as well as human beings are more sensitive and scarcity and more contributing to the service and development of society from Therefore, it is necessary to take them care and attention scientifically, physically, socially and psychologically as much as possible in order to achieve a reasonable degree of self-consent for them
Now that you have identified all kinds of supernatural abilities, do you have any of them dear reader Or do you know anyone who has such capabilities?

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