The curse of the crying child


In 1969, a hot day in Madrid, the Italian painter Bruno Amadeo was about to finish drawing one of his paintings when he heard in the street below his vocals the sound of intermittent chanting. When he looked from the balcony, he saw a boy wearing worn trousers sitting outside a nearby bar crying. The painter called the boy and asked him about the problem. He looked at him silently and was still crying.
Amadeo, who took pity on the boy, took him to his professional and fed him and there is a drawing of a painting in the very magnificence overflowing with feelings called the name of the boy crying.

 Bruno was almost finished painting his new painting until the fire suddenly burst into his studio. It was strange that the fire came on everything inside the studio except for the new painting, which escaped the fire mysteriously and unharmed. The little boy was panicked and fled the scene during the fire. Bruno later inquired about him and wanted to know his fate. Although he did not have any effect on him, he was able to learn some things about him. The people told him that this boy lived in happiness and well-being with his parents in a large house, but he was a cursed child. His hands suddenly caught fire, so he set fire to his house and his parents died during the fire.Over time, Bruno forgot the boy. He no longer had time to think about it. His condition improved greatly, and his work became famous thanks to the painting of the weeping boy, which sold millions of copies and became a symbol of tormented childhood. It was hung on countless walls around the world. New paintings of girls and boys with tears and sadness.

 It is said that 20 years after the boy fled Bruno's studio, a horrific incident took place on a street in Rome, where a fire broke out suddenly in a speeding car and the young driver died burning inside. The documents found by the police inside the car revealed that the burning young man was himself the crying boy Which Borno painted two decades ago.

But the story does not end here .. It may never end .. During the following decades, mysterious fires occurred in many of the houses that hung the painting of the boy crying on the walls, and the strange that the common denominator among all those fires was the survival of the painting of the fire .. Because of those The story of the curse of the weeping boy's painting, which claims that the spirit of the little boy has been dissolved in the painting, and that damn spirit still causes fires in the houses as it was in her life.

Many people believed the story of the curse and gave up their paintings, and more than 2500 plates were burned during one of the events sponsored by the British Sun newspaper in London. It is said that to get rid of the curse must bring two paintings of the type of boy crying, one for a boy, and another for a girl, and then the two panels are collected together and hang and choke with rope!

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