Life at Sea: Yachting

Taking a yachting vacation means living on a seafaring boat for days or weeks. But because yachting is traditionally a luxury setting, we often consider yachting to be the same as living in a five star hotel that also is free to roam the high seas. But the truth is there will be a different lifestyle on a cruise ship and even the most spacious and luxurious yacht is still a seafaring vessel and it's good to anticipate that lifestyle and be prepared. There are little things to consider when packing for your yachting vacation. Besides being sure to pack your bathing suit, you must keep in the mind that you are at sea and no amount of luxury or spending can keep the ocean from creating waves under the boat. So if you are prone to seasickness, the proper medications should be brought along and taken before you take your foot off of dry land. Of course, any good yacht will have medical facilities and your crew will keep an eye on everyone onboard, particularly if you are new to yachting. But it's best if you anticipate the need so you don’t have to go through a bad experience. Planning the agenda can help with a problem on yachts that also often sneaks up on people and that is claustrophobia. While many luxury yachts have plenty of open spaces and the rooms and common areas are geared for the ultimate of comfort, the very fact that you are on a boat that you can see the edges of in both directions and on the other side of those railings is the hostile sea can sometimes get to a member of the party. Again, anti-anxiety medications can help calm these fears. But don’t keep the members trapped on board for days at a time. Schedule daily outings to shore to enjoy a sunny beach, to shop in quaint markets and to enjoy local foods. These kinds of excursions are fun adventures and can keep the "cabin fever" of yachting under control.

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