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Dreams are still one of the puzzling mysteries of the mind, a mirror that reflects some of its wondrous activity during the REM phase. Dreams have different types in their mission or purpose or in the level of consciousness in which they occur, including a situation that we want to reach in our lives And from which it is an expression of our fears and desires and from which is a solution to the problem we encountered or alert to a problem we want not to be recognized and at other times be immune to us from anxiety or disease and in rare cases is a reading of the future reality did not arrive to analyze adequately in our consciousness, Dreams:

These dreams are classified as a level of consciousness between sleep and full vigilance. Studies show that humans have a tendency to daydreams at a rate of 70 to 120 minutes a day. This occurs during hours of vigilance when a person leaves the space for his imagination to flounder. The low level of consciousness will find itself in a fictitious and fictional scenario,.
2 - False Awakening Dreams
Did you think that you woke up and spent your daily morning routine like brushing, brushing, taking your breakfasts and going to work, and then getting up again to realize that what happened was just a dream, called this kind of dream of false vigilance.
3 - lucid dreams Lucid Dreams
These dreams come when the moment comes when you realize that you are still dreaming, that is to say, "Wait a moment. This is just a dream!" Most dreamers wake up when they realize that they are dreaming. But another group of dreamers It is the state of the obvious dream instead of waking up, becoming active participants in their own dreams, making decisions in their dreams and intervening in what will happen to them without waking up.
4- Nightmares
The nightmare is a disturbing dream that causes you anxiety and fear. It may be a reflection of a crisis or a disaster in your real life. This type of dream falls into a special category called Post-traumatic Stress Nightmare or so-called PSN.
The nightmares may occur when you ignore or refuse to accept a particular life. Research has shown that most people who have regular nightmares have a history of psychological problems, have a difficult and difficult relationship with a person or have a bad experience of drug abuse. These people may also be connected to suicide incidents and nightmares are an indicator of the fears that must be recognized and confronted. It is a way the subconscious mind to awaken the person and make him pay attention .
Recurring dreams
Repeated dreams repeat themselves, but with some minor changes each time, whether in the dream story or its circumstances, these dreams may be positive but most of them are caposy in content, dreams are repeated because the problem in the dream story remains unresolved or ignored. To solve this problem, the dream will stop repetition. In other words, the recurring dream is the means of the subconscious mind to draw your attention to something that you do not want to recognize in your conscious life, and once you discover this and face it, this dream will stop.
For example, we recall a realistic experience of a woman whose marital life has deteriorated. She has a dream of seeing a pair of heterogeneous shoes, and she often sees her husband sitting in the front seat of the car, where the car always stops moving either because of lack of fuel or when it reaches a dead end. These repeated dreams stopped when she separated from her husband.

Image result for DreamsHealing Dreams
The dreams of healing serve as messages to the dreamer concerning his health. The ancient Greeks called these dreams by the prodromic (which means the first symptoms of the disease). Many dream experts believe that dreams can help to avoid underlying health problems and that they help cure illness or distress. Research shows that asthmatics and migraine patients have dreams before an outbreak, that is, the body is able to connect to the brain through dreams. Dreams can tell you that something is not right in your body even before the physical symptoms of the disease appear. Such dreams may tell the dreamer that he should go to the doctor or dentist only if the dreamer understands the language of the dream. For early warning of diseases.
7. Predictive Dreams
Psychological dreams and the dreams of impending events, dreams that seem to read the future, one theory explains this phenomenon that the dreaming brain is able to collect parts of the information and monitoring so that you will not care for them usually or put them in mind, in other words will teach your subconscious mind what will come before You re-install the same pieces of information, but this time in your conscious state,
8.  Signal Dreams
Helps you solve problems or make decisions in your conscious life.
9 -  Epic Dreams
It is also referred to as cosmic or grand dreams or Neumanus (dreams that depict divine abilities or beings with a religious presence in culture), which are so dominant, so big and obvious that you can not neglect them and keep them with you for years as if you had seen them the previous night. Of beauty and contains a lot of religious symbolism, and when you wake up from such a dream you will feel that you have discovered something deep or amazing about yourself and the world, you will feel it is a life experience change.
10 - Advanced Dreams Progressive Dreams
Advanced dreams come when you have a series of dreams with you for several nights past, and you find that the next dream completes the dream story that preceded it last night, these dreams help

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