Ten Quick Dog Training Tips!

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1. Behaviors that are rewarded will increase.
If your dog looks at you and you give him a treat, he will look at you more. If your dog jumps on you and you pet him, he will do that more too!

2. Find your dog's currency.
Make a list of everything your dog enjoys and use it to your advantage!

3. Elementary school before high school.
Break down new behaviors into small steps.  Move to the next level when your dog is getting it right 9 out of 10 times.

4. Focus on the positive.
Observe your dog and reward correct behaviors, even if you didn't ask for them. If you come into the house and your dog DOESN'T jump on you, be sure to reward him. Isn't that the behavior that you want?

5. Don't get frustrated, take a step back.
If your dog just isn't getting it right, make it easier for her.

6. Pay up quick!
When your dog does something fabulous, make sure you reward her as fast as you possibly can.

7. More rewards, more attention.
The more rewards you give your dog in a short period of time, the more engaged he'll be with you.

8. Don't nag.
It's more effective to ignore annoying, attention seeking behaviors than it is to say, "no no no" over and over again.

9. Replace unwanted behaviors with new ones.
In place of your, "Don't do that." you should use, "Hey, come over here and do this instead."

10. Be consistent.
Your dog will learn more effectively and will know exactly what to expect.

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