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Reiki is one of the endangered mysteries, both because of the Chinese occupation of Tibet and the technique’s dilution in Western teaching.

The Traditional argument for keeping even the names of the symbols secret is that they are sacred.  Indeed they are, but sacred and secret are no longer synonymous.  For people to learn the sacred it must be within their access.  We no longer have the luxury or time for years of private study with a learned scholar or guru/teacher.  There are few places remaining in the world for the teachers to be trained and few people who can devote their lives exclusively to the sacred path.  The tradition of oral teaching no longer remains.

People today are mostly solitary.  They learn from the mass media or from books, and this is where the information needs to be found to be reasonably available.  The planet and all people are in a state of extreme moral and physical crisis at this time.  To change this situation or even to survive it requires spirituality and a key to the sacred, and most people must find that sense of the sacred where they can in their own cultures.

One generally given reason for hiding the Reiki symbols and the Reiki II and III teaching is that it may be used for harm if allowed into the wrong hands.  In guidance and experience, it becomes quite clear that the material cannot be misused.  As Mikao Usui learned, the information does not activate by itself.  It requires the Reiki attunement for the degree to activate the healing methods and the information.  Only a trained teacher who has been attuned himself/herself can pass the attunements.

Reiki was also carefully designed, and the guides and leaders of our planet’s past who brought it here knew what they were doing.  Reiki was conceived as a mistake-proof healing system.  If it is used for other than positive means, nothing happens and no harm can occur.  Remember too that energy is a neutral force – fire can cook dinner or burn down a city, and energy’s intent returns to the sender.  What you send out returns to you for good or ill.  The intent to harm anyone with a system designed for healing, whether it succeeds or not, becomes part of the karma of the sender.  Likewise, as a system designed for helping and healing, the intent to do good overrides any loss of information.  By doing your best to use Reiki for the good it was intended, the Reiki guides fill in what is missing.

The Reiki guides are a factor that manifests with Reiki I, but for most people they first become conscious in the Second Degree.  These are a group of discarnate healers that take part in every Reiki healing.  The Reiki I practitioner is probably not aware of them, but with Reiki II they begin to make themselves known.  In Reiki III they are running the whole show!

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Working consciously with spirit guidance makes every healing a joy and a wonder.  Until the guidance becomes conscious, it may appear to the healer as a heightened intuition.  The healer doesn’t know “how she thought of it”, “it” being a key piece of information for the healing.  “It” may also give her a new tool for future sessions or for self-healing.  If you don’t know what to do in a healing situation, ask for help and the answer will appear or will simply happen.  As a result more complex situations arise with Reiki II than in Reiki I.  Because of your positive intent to do your best at doing Reiki, you are given all the tools and information you need.  If a technique is in error – a symbol is miss-drawn for example – the Reiki guides will fix it.  Often you can psychically watch it happen.  Reiki cannot be degraded or used for harm, either through misuse or bad intent.  The guides simply will not allow it.   Reiki once belonged to everyone.  The Reiki guides want it to be so again.

Reiki energy is very subtle.  It usually takes some time for a beginner to tune into it and appreciate it fully.  With each initiation, the chakras are tuned to a higher frequency, which brings about the following (provided you are open to it):

·        Magnification of our inner perception. We develop greater sensitivity for the energy of others, of things, and, of course, of ourselves.  This also involves sharpening our intuition, a sense that has been neglected for too long.
·        Growing self-confidence and trust in life as a benevolent force. When we find out that we are just a tiny part of this orchestra, we realize that existence wants the best for all of its parts and we can stop resisting it for a change. Let go!
·        More compassion towards everyone and everything, including ourselves. By focusing on the universal life energy from now on, we become aware of the fact that separation is an illusion.  We all live on the same fuel.
·        Growing responsibility for our own life and being. We will start to take our life into our own hands and work together with existence instead of against it.
·        Solving old problems.  One of the side effects of a Reiki initiation is that many unsolved problems reportedly bubble up in order to be resolved.  Of course it is up to us to answer the call.  Reiki is not a magic pill that takes care of our ailments while we go about business as usual. Personal growth and change require determination!

The symbols are the essence and formula of Reiki.  They are the keys to using and passing on this healing system.  All things profound and life affirming are simple and Reiki is an extremely simple method, comprised essentially of the symbols.  They are the formula Mikao Usui found in the Sutras.  Three are taught in Reiki II and two more in the Third Degree.  The symbols are readily known in Buddhism, where they are not secret or withheld information.  They are however sacred. 

The symbols are placed in the aura in the Reiki I attunements and they are already a part of every Reiki healer.   Before you see the symbols visually in Reiki II, you are already channeling them with Reiki energy through your hands.  Once you obtain the symbols visually, they become part of direct sessions and self-healing as additions to it, and the basis for distance healing.  In direct healing, you are able to put your hands on yourself or the person you are doing Reiki with.  In distance healing, the person or animal need not be physically present.  To add the symbols to a Reiki hands-on session, simply visualize them (imagine they are there).  Hold them in your mind and they will activate.  You can draw them in the air with your hand before beginning the session or a position, draw them on or over the receiver’s body, or draw them on the roof of your mouth with your tongue.  Use them in this way, too, for direct healing.

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