WHAT DO YOU WANT? how to design a plan for your life: how to design a plan for your life

 From the time you were small, you had thoughts, ideas, and dreams about what you wanted to be when you grew up. You most likely imagined the type of home you wanted to live in and where in the world you wanted to put down roots. You might have daydreamed about the career you‘d have and the friends you‘d hang out with. As you matured, your innermost goals for your future morphed several times over the years. Contents : The Big Picture: Your Life Plan Roles You Play In Your Life HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT THE MAJOR ASPECTS OF YOUR LIFE? YOUR HOME LOCATION OF YOUR HOME TYPE OF RESIDENCE FURNISHINGS AND ROOM ARRANGEMENTS Planning your Future Career CAREER AND WORK Seeking Expert Advice: Career Counseling LOVE RELATIONSHIPS AND FAMILY LOVE RELATIONSHIPS FAMILY FRIENDS HEALTH PHYSICAL HEALTH EMOTIONAL HEALTH CHARACTER HOBBIES AND ACTIVITIES INTELLECTUAL AND CULTURAL PURSUITS SUMMARY

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