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At Sanford-Brown, we are in the business of career education. That makes not only you but also the employers we work with our customers. We care about you and your future, and your future employer's needs. That is the Sanford-Brown difference.

We are dedicated to providing academic excellence. If you're looking for an exciting and rewarding career in today's rapidly expanding fields, we can help you get there.

At Sanford-Brown, our approach is:

At Sanford-Brown, we condense your study into a short-term program enabling you to customize your skills rapidly and successfully to the specific needs of a future work setting. Unlike traditional institutions, we enable adults to complete some programs of study in as little as nine months. Generally, classes start every five weeks, so you can get started quickly with convenient day and evening classes to meet your needs.

At Sanford-Brown, your studies focus primarily on the essential concepts and skills most employers look for in entry-level employees. Our goal is to provide you with the practical information and experience you need to get your foot in the door. We avoid requiring you to take courses that are not directly supportive of your employment objective.

Technology plays a major role in all the professions for which we train our students. That's why we use industry-current tools to help deliver your education more effectively. During the hands-on component you will use industry-oriented equipment to gain experience applying your knowledge.

Associate of Applied Science in Business Office Administration
If you like contributing to the big picture, are well organized and like to see things run smoothly, then put your skills to use with a professional career in the field of Business Office Administration. You can learn the skills needed to work in today's fast-paced office with training in communications, word processing, office systems, spreadsheet applications and more.

With a specialized associate degree in Business Office Administration, you can gain the skills and confidence to pursue a career as an executive assistant, office administrative assistant or office manager positions where the job market is promising for qualified candidates.

Sanford-Brown College does not guarantee employment or salary.

If you are interested in this school and would like to find out more, please Request Information from Sanford-Brown College - Farmington.

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