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Lincoln College of Technology
Lincoln College of Technology has been helping students and business professionals realize their career goals and career aspirations locally, regionally, nationally and internationally for nearly 20 years. Lincoln College of Technology offers 18-24 month associate degree programs, a variety of continuing education certifications for business professionals, and new 9 and 12-month diploma programs for those on the career fast track.

Offering you the choice of morning, afternoon or evening classes, our 11 or 12-week quarter system eliminates the long breaks between programs found in other schools. More importantly our programs are designed so that you can study, work and still have time to devote to life's other responsibilities.

Because of the way our programs are structured, students desiring to be marketable and eager to begin a career will find our educational models of learning to be hands-on, intense, comprehensive and financially convenient.

If you are striving to play a more important role in a busy office or corporation, our diploma in business program is for you. The course work combines computer essentials for Microsoft applications in Word, Excel and Access with a cross-section of classes in:

Team building
Conflict resolution
Emphasis is placed on decision-making capabilities, interpersonal skills, and knowledge of information processing technologies and their impact on the workplace. You can graduate with a well-rounded education that includes practical computer skills and valuable management competence, which will prepare you to pursue a broad range of new opportunities in the business world.

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