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Programs Offered*
Associate's in Business Administration
If you've always wanted to work in a management position or start your own business, the Business Administration program at Jones College will prepare you. You can pursue an online degree in Business Administration at your convenience!

The Associate in Science Degree Program with a Business Administration Major provides you the basic business knowledge to:

Operate a small business
Assume an entry-level managerial, manager trainee or marketing position
Become promoted into an entry-level managerial position in your career
Bachelor's in Business Administration
Get ahead in your business career with the Business Administration Bachelor degree program at Jones College. You can take the entire course online or attend classes. You'll gain the skills needed to obtain an entry-level position in business administration and the knowledge required for promotion into a managerial position.

Your coursework includes a foundation of business administration courses supplemented by general education and other business courses. You'll also have elective courses to help you fulfill your career goals.

Bachelor's in Interdisciplinary Studies
The Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies provides a degree completion program that accommodates those students whose needs are satisfied by a BS degree. Students may elect to take core coursework in a number of areas including, but not limited to: management, marketing, computer applications, computer programming, various legal specializations, medical/allied health, and education. This program prepares students for employment and promotion in those organizations that do not require a four-year degree with core coursework in a particular discipline. In addition to the 60 credit core course requirement, 45 credits in general education and 15 credits of supplemental business coursework ensure all graduates have a well-rounded education.

*High School Diploma or GED required

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