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We are a team, you want to know why? Because there are plenty of people on the internet who teach you how to make aliving in web marketing and yes today there are 3,000,000,000 Internet users who all are there for a specific purpose: find those he seeks. So as much to say to you one is not to make you saw and not also to bother you hinder you of the spirit. If one is there is because the stock market is saturated and one comes to make a win-win you know the principle, go does not do the idiot. Well teaching you something also I gain in notoriety and in pay then do not be naughty enjoy but also make the benefit of the one who makes you know. Well I will not bother you too much with that we'll go straight to the point.
Earning your life on the internet has never been easier; you will have to work very hard about hours per day to make a living on the internet.
You all have a passion or a particular experience but you do not know how to implement it to be able to enjoy it; Internet is the best place to start your business.
All you need is a blog or a website and even if you have a lot of contacts you will be welcome in the universe of those who succeed on the internet, thanks to their blogs or websites. To not go so fast I'll show you how they work? Some people know that there are video game fanatics out there who are circles and millions of people who every day search on youtube or Google video games; someone like lulu creates a channel on youtube, regularly publishes quality videos on video games. As much as these videos please the readers it will have visitors and a visitor = traffic yes I tell you! But how to turn each visitor into a traffic? It takes a keyword that is convincing and a quality product.
Well we'll stop talking about lulu as if it was the only person on the internet and youtube as if it was the only web site that makes a living on the internet, there is better than it yes! Because if you want to have decent revenue on youtube you must have a maximum of visitors and since you are a beginner SEO will not be at all easy and it takes time with youtube.
Then someone like Jeff chose to create ablog on wordpress or on blogger; And begins to write articles of qualities every day, a satisfied visitor = 2, 3, 4,5 ........ 1000, 10,000 visitors. I explain a little about the principle: for example Jeff writes an article on how to get rid of stress? With ridiculous and pleasant words that really make you want to read and impeccable design. If Veronique Ponte during a search on Google for how to get free from stress? Jeff's article and she learns that Jeff wrote an article that goes with what she was looking for everyday, so she can decide whether to index Jeff's blog on her or she has more than 10,000 visitors By days or on its Facebook page or it has more than 10,000 fans. Imagine that it will be Geff's traffic?

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