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About Florida Career Colleges
Florida Career College has been specializing in career training since 1982. All our programs are specially designed with employers' requirements in mind. We train individuals who want to succeed in the fields of Nursing, Allied Health, Cosmetology, Information Technology, Business and Wellness (Clinical Skin Care and Massage Therapy).

Flexible Programs & Times
Depending upon scheduling and availability, students may often change from one program to another, or from day to evening, with minimal interruption.

Individual Tutoring
We will gladly go over any material that you may not fully understand on a one-on-one basis at no additional cost.

Financial Aid Available to those who Qualify
The Financial Services Office is dedicated to helping students find effective ways to finance their education. Your Financial Aid representative will explain your many options relative to grants, loans and scholarships.

Up-to-Date Programs
Florida Career College continually develops programs and courses according to actual industry needs.

Comprehensive Courses
We provide a wide range of courses for different skill levels.

I-20 Student Visa
Florida Career College is authorized by the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) to issue the I-20 Form.

Graduate Employment Assistance
We place great emphasis on assisting graduates with starting meaningful careers.

Brandon Campus
The Brandon campus of Florida Career College offers large, comfortable classrooms, computer labs with PC and Mac computers, Medical Labs, bookstore and a resource center. The resource center provides students and faculty with reference materials, including books, videos and periodicals to supplement textbooks and lectures. Also, each campus houses school offices for student services, financial services, and career center.

The Brandon campus is located at 2662 South Falkenburg Rd, Brandon, Florida. The 12,000 square-foot facility is conveniently located off of the Crosstown Expressway, and Interstates 4 & 75.

Business Administration - Associate's
This degree program prepares students with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that will enable them to become ethical decision makers capable of working for leading organizations in entry-level jobs. Some career opportunities that students will be prepared for include business managers and office administrators.

Business Administration
Associate's Degree Program
21 Months/90 Credits

Upon completion, graduates in the Associate's degree program will possess basic business skills including knowledge of principles of finance, principles of management, fundamentals of accounting, the legal environment of business, computer applications, and basic information technology principles. This program provides students with both broad business administration skills as well as specific knowledge that will guide them as they make career choices.

While it is probably self-evident that there are many professional directions in which a business administration graduate may go, what may be less obvious is the fact that not all careers in the business world are office-based careers you might expect. A degree in business administration will benefit you even if you do not plan on working in the business world. After all, the skills learned in the classroom are not only applicable in business, but also in many unrelated fields. Career options run the gamut from operations to management.

Are You Ready to...
Work with basic accounting skills and automated accounting
Become familiar with computer applications including Microsoft Excel
Understand the theories of management
Work with different types of marketing
Greet customers
Master critical thinking
Understand ethics and the legal environment of business
Give oral presentations
Manage staff
Prepare written communications
If you are interested in this school and would like to find out more, please Request Information from Florida Career College - Brandon.

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