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Everest College
Everest Colleges, Institutes and Universities offers you hands-on career education in some of America's top career fields. Benefits include:

Programs that can be completed in as little as one year, allowing you to get the training you need and into the work force as quickly as possible.
Courses taught by instructors who are former industry professionals eager to provide you with practical insights into the subjects they teach.
Flexible schedules designed to meet the needs of working adults and support systems designed to help you succeed both inside and outside the classroom.
Career Services professionals who can help you find post-graduation employment opportunities in your area—a service you can access throughout your career.
Everest is dedicated to your success today—and tomorrow!
Financial aid is available for those who qualify.

Popular Career Training Programs
Everest Colleges, Institutes and Universities offers career education in these and other popular areas:

Criminal Justice
Dental Assistant
Massage Therapy
Medical Assistant
Medical Administrative Assistant
Medical Insurance Billing and Coding
Pharmacy Technician
Online Degree Programs Available*

Note: Programs and schedules vary by campus.
*Not all programs available online.

Table of Contents

Associate of Applied Science in Accounting
Associate of Applied Science in Administrative Assistant
Associate of Applied Science in Business
Associate of Applied Science in Computer Information Science
Diploma in Business Accounting
Diploma in Office Administration

Associate of Applied Science in Accounting

The Associate of Applied Science degree in Accounting is designed for those who want a thorough knowledge of the principles of accounting as well as business methods and procedures. The program will provide students with the fundamentals of accounting which are essential to success in any economic endeavor. The Accounting program teaches computerized accounting, basic accounting principles and advanced accounting applications. Students will be prepared to create, analyze and interpret financial data and statements in order to make sound business and accounting decisions. Additionally, students learn business law, financial management and business communications.

Associate of Applied Science in Administrative Assistant

The Associate of Applied Science degree in Administrative Assistant prepares students to be an integral part of the business management team. The program provides students with a foundation of management and secretarial skills including information systems, office planning and services, transcription, word processing and desktop publishing.

The program covers important areas such as, Strategies for Success, Career Management, Software Applications and Executive Office Procedures. In addition to learning state-of-the-art computer applications, the program places a strong emphasis on speed-building and the basic operations of keyboarding, which are vital skills for any student who wants to excel in the business world.

Upon completion of the program, students will be prepared for an entry-level job as an administrative or executive assistant.

Associate of Applied Science in Business

The Associate of Applied Science degree in Business is designed to help students develop an understanding of fundamental business principles and the use of data processing in the business environment. Students are given a broad academic background from computer science to accounting principles. The program teaches sales and marketing concepts, cost accounting, economics and management and accounting principles. To keep with current trends, the program offers a computer applications and word processing course with an emphasis on programs for today's business environment. In addition, students are given the choice of elective courses in spreadsheet applications, desktop publishing and database management. For those who aspire for positions in business, industry and government, the business program is the right choice.

Associate of Applied Science in Computer Information Science

The AAS in Computer Information Science program is designed to provide students with a basic knowledge of computer programming and data systems while preparing students to qualify and pursue careers in the business world. The program begins with classes in word processing and progresses to more challenging classes in desktop publishing, programming and database management. Students are taught several programming languages including COBOL, Visual Basic and C++. Additionally, the program covers an introduction to accounting, systems analysis and design and operating systems. Career possibilities include entry-level positions as a data-entry operator, data control clerk, computer operator, data librarian and operations manager.

Diploma in Business Accounting

The business accounting program encompasses the fundamentals of accounting and provides the groundwork for a number of exciting careers. You will gain strong management, communication and computer skills essential to this field. The curriculum provides you with the skills necessary to perform vital business accounting tasks, including instruction and hands-on learning in financial and management accounting as they apply to the legal, medical and business environments.

As with other industries, technology plays an integral role in the accounting field. Computer applications, database and spreadsheet classes complement the core curriculum with an emphasis on computerized accounting applications.

Armed with the principles of accounting, as well as practical business methods and procedures, you will have the necessary skills to succeed in a competitive industry.

Diploma in Office Administration

You need technical expertise and highly-developed communication skills to build an effective office career. Give yourself a competitive edge by obtaining the tools necessary to successfully operate office equipment and thrive in a business setting.

The program offers a solid business foundation while teaching the computer and office skills that are vital to every office career. Emphasis is placed on developing strong computer and communication abilities, which are vital tools in the workplace.

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