Brown Mackie College - Ft. Wayne

Brown Mackie College - Ft. Wayne
Grow, evolve, become at Brown Mackie College — Ft. Wayne

Convenient Scheduling with One Course a Month

At Brown Mackie College — Ft. Wayne, you don't need to wait for a traditional "Fall Start." Because our students aren't always living "traditional" lives we offer new starts each month with day or evening classes that fit your schedule. Each class lasts one month. There's no need to divide your time and energy between coursework and exams for multiple courses. We keep the focus on one course, one subject at a time to help you succeed.

Accounting Technology - Associate of Science

The Associate of Science in Accounting Technology program prepares graduates for entry-level employment and advancement in accounting positions in a variety of business organizations. Students receive a solid foundation in accounting and business principles, and general education.

Business Administration - Bachelor of Science

Students in the business administration program gain the knowledge and skills to enter a variety of fields in a business capacity or advance in their current profession. Through general studies and business-related course work, graduates of this program have a practical foundation of principles and procedures that they can put to work in this ever-changing domain.

Business Management - Associate of Applied Science

The Business Management program is designed to prepare graduates for entry-level employment and the business field. Students have an opportunity to receive a solid foundation in management principles and business technology, computer operations, and general education.
Through a successful completion of the program, students will have learned to: Manage a small business; manage a payroll; apply marketing and advertising principles; produce presentation materials in PowerPoint; generate spreadsheets; utilize human resource practices; communicate effectively, orally and in writing; prepare written reports; use the Internet to communicate with clients and co-workers. Entry-level employment opportunities may exist in the areas of Office Management. Sales, Administrative Assistant, Human Resources, Assistant Account Representative, Customer Service Representative, and Entrepreneur/Self-Employment.

Office Management - Associate of Science

The Associate of Science in Office Management prepares students for entry-level administrative positions and to use software products to provide business support and solutions in an office setting. This program includes general and business courses, including an introduction to accounting and payroll, that round out the educational experience. Graduates will be prepared for a wide variety of employment options because of the versatility of the skills acquired through this program.

Certificate Programs

Certificate programs are also available in:
  • Accounting
  • Business


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