Area 51

le long de la robine

If you are a X-files fan or just a conspiracy theorist, this is the place for you to visit.  Unfortunately, this area is supposed to be a secret military facility.  So getting on the base might prove to be a little harder that you think.  This secret hideaway is about 150 miles north of Las Vegas and is off what some call the “ET Highway.”  It is so called because people started seeing lights and aliens long before anybody thought about them.
Don't go thinking you will see much of anything.  The topography of the land is quite scenic.  However, there are no markers, monuments, or signs pointing you in the right direction.  It is said when you get to the place where the base is located, there are signs that warn you against going any further for threat of bodily injury.  They will also slap you with some jail time and fines.
As you ride down the road, notice the absence of animal life.  The few cows you see in the fields don't really look like any cows you seen before.  Take note of the crater holes in the earth, and you will realize that this is really a nuclear test site and all the isolation makes sense.  There are security guards at every gate to make sure you don't get through.  Take your look around and get on your way.
There is an Area 51 Research Center you can visit.  Just look for a big yellow trailer.
There aren't any hotels or inns out this far, so unless you brought your camping gear, you should make this an early morning trip.  There aren't many gas stations, so fill your tank before you leave.  You should also bring plenty of water for yourself and your car as you will be going through a lot of desert to get to your destination.

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