Staying Safe at Car Shows

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There are tons of car shows, and at all of these car shows there are usually tons of people. Ensuring that you stay safe is a necessary task to ensure that you are able to always enjoy the car shows, rather than being forced to wait around for the police or take a trip to the hospital.  From crime to health problems, you need to be aware of some simple safety measures to make sure you leave without problems, and have a great positive experience.

Your first step should be avoid taking purses unless necessary.  There are so many people in a small area that taking a purse is rather foolish.  This can encourage the purse snatchers who are able to blend into the crowd easily.  Instead, take just a small wallet that fits into your front pocket and limit the amount of cash you carry on you.  Additionally, make sure you leave most of your credit cards at home, or in the hotel.  Limit the amount of personal information you are bringing with you as well to reduce the risks.

Always carefully check out the weather during the car show as well.  In addition to this information find out if the show is inside or outside and make appropriate clothing choices.  If the weather is scheduled to be in the 80’s do not wear thick pants, heavy shirts and a huge winter parka.  This is just asking for trouble and can leave you having a heat stroke.  You need clothing that is appropriate based upon the weather, rather than based upon what you think the weather will be.  This may mean wearing layers of clothing to ensure that you do not get cold, or overheat.

You should also ensure that you find out if there will be drinks and food available at the car show.  Not all car shows have food and drinks and it is very important to ensure that you stay hydrated and do not lose all of your energy.  Allowing yourself to become dehydrated is a huge problem and can leave you with no energy, or worse you could pass out.  Neither situation is a good idea and with plenty of drinks is avoidable.  If the car show does not have drinks there, make sure you bring plenty with you.

You should bring a cellular phone with you as well.  At a bare minimum, bring some change for the telephone.  Without these items, you could be stranded in the event of an emergency with no way to call for help.  Having a working phone ensures that when a problem occurs you can quickly call for help and ensure that you will be able to reach someone.  It is also useful in the event that you need to contact someone and ask for a ride, or just try to get in touch with anyone else.

Your final consideration should be shoes.  It is not a wise decision to swear huge high heels to a car show.  The terrain is usually a bit uneven and the ground is usually grassy or rocky.  This can spell disaster in the wrong shoes.  Wear something that is comfortable and secure that you will not easily lose.  You should also ensure that you have something that is weather appropriate, for example no sandals in the winter.  Planning ahead will keep you safe during all of the car shows you attend.

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