Quick and Easy Detailing Tips for Car Shows

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Ensuring that your car is in tip top shape before the judge’s come around is sometimes a stressful task but with some quick and easy tips, you can ensure that your car is looking forever gorgeous for the judges no matter how many people have had their hands on it.  Remember, you need to ensure that your car was thoroughly detail cleaned before the show to make it the easiest possible.

Check those windows; they are so quick to get dirty if there are many people around.  Just breathing in the wrong weather can leave your windows with streaks or other bad marks that can pull down the overall appearance of your car.  Always ensure you keep some soft cloths and good window cleaner in the car.  This will ensure that those windows are sparkling when the judges roll around.  Remember, clean windows set a good overall impression for the vehicle.

Spot shine the chrome on the car.  This is a place where you usually start seeing smudges pretty quickly.  A cloth and some good chrome cleaner will ensure that your chrome stays as shiny as possible.  You should easily be able to see your reflection in it, and ensure that there is no rust on the chrome either.  This is a small detail that can make a huge impression.  If you ignore the smaller details, they will likely think you ignore the large ones as well.

Tires are another critical area, you may not realize it but tons of mud caked up in the wheel well and on your tires themselves can give your car a bad look.  Clean those tires as soon as you park at the show to ensure that they are perfect looking.  This will generally only need to be done once, which if done immediately upon arriving frees your time for other tasks.

Avoid eating in the car before the show, and especially during the show.  Eating in general tends to leave some tiny crumbs all around the house and is a huge pain in the butt and hassle.  Keep the food out of the car and you will not have to worry about crumbs or food stains giving your car a bad impression.  Once again, it is the small details that can make a huge impression on the judges.

You may also want to take a few brief moments upon arriving and quickly touch up any dull spots in the wax.  This will help to ensure that the entire car is well waxed and shiny.  You may also want to pull out a small portable vacuum and spot clean the upholstery just to ensure that there is no dirt or debris anywhere.  A good car will make a marvelous impression and just following these tiny steps will put your car at the top of the list.

Additionally, avoid the temptation to load up the trunk with lots of stuff.  Regardless of whether it is trinkets or tools you should never load up your trunk at the car show when you are showing.  The judges may want to see how your trunk looks, and if it is full of stuff, they will not be able to get a good look at the condition.  Keep it clean and items in the trunk to a bare minimum to ensure the best results possible once the judges get to you. 

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