Prizes, Awards and Ribbons

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Most car shows offer prizes to the owners of cars that they feel are truly exceptional but the range of prizes tends to vary heavily depending on the particular car show that you attend.  Some are generous and offer huge prizes to those that win top placement in the different categories, while others are only able to afford a single ribbon to give to the winners.  Where the car show you are considering attending falls in the spectrum often depends on the size of the organization that is in charge of the car show.

The really great clubs are well known for giving prizes that are quite large to those who win major at the car shows.  The packages can include things such as ribbons, trophies, and even plaques.  Many places also give prizes that include gifts and sometimes even cash.  The prizes that are given tend to vary greatly, however most of the time at local and regional shows the prizes are small while at the national and international level the prizes are much greater. 

Most car shows will announce if they are going to be giving away prizes to the winners of the show.  This can allow you to pick out, which shows you are interested in attending if you have a choice of multiple shows.  There are also some car shows that just make the prizes a surprise and will not release ahead of time what they are.  If you are mostly interested in the opinions of your car, and are not concerned with winning at the present time then the exact prizes that are offered are not usually important. 

The majority of the time you should be able to follow the rule of thumb that large car shows are going to have much better prizes.  Small car shows are generally unable to afford the large prizes and typically have much more than a ribbon or small trophy for the winner.  If this is acceptable for you, then you can gain a lot of experience by participating in the smaller car shows before working your way up to the larger and more advanced shows.

Participating in numerous car shows is a great way to gain some useful showing experience and also a good way to meet some of the people that can be very helpful to you if you decide to embark on a showing career for your car.  Most people decide to only show their car on occasion as a hobby, but there are times when people have a very successful car and can win enough money and prizes from car shows to make it a very fulfilling career. 

Deciding exactly which car shows to attend is often about the prizes but not always.  If you do not care about prizes then not worrying about the prizes is a great way to remove the stress from car shows and instead thoroughly enjoy all of the fun and experiencing that you are able to gain.  Enjoying a great car show is lots of fun, and if you are lucky enough to win a prize then it is even better.  Never participate in any show that you disagree with if you are unhappy with the prizes that are given.  You have enough shows to choose from that you are sure to find something that will make you very happy and help you see what you can do to really enjoy the car shows the most.

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