What did Lady Gaga really mean when she was writing Bad Romance?

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When I stopped nodding my head to my favorite guilty pleasure, I really couldn’t pinpoint what the hell she meant when she was talking about a bad romance. All I remembered was the catchy hooks—that lady can create awesome beats like nobody’s business.

So was she talking about love? About wanting to date this psychotic boy who would tear her apart emotionally?

Was she talking about an abusive relationship that she was currently in?

Was she just randomly creating a song that she knew would make tons of money and annoy people endlessly on the radio?

Or was it something I shouldn’t even be thinking about?

For me, the first thing I think of is how awesomely it was sung on Glee last weekend. However, BEFORE that….I always assumed it was something warning people against abusive relationships. Glamorizing it but pointing out at the same time that it’s something you shouldn’t get involved in.

I’ve been in one of those emotionally abusive relationships. The ones where you’re screaming in the street, crying and showcasing to the world how horribly a couple can treat one another. Most of my friends questioned why I was dating the guy---but they all conceded that he was such a charismatic person when they met him.

The funny thing is---I don’t see it as something of a ‘Bad Romance.’ It wasn’t even something abusive---he was probably someone you could bring home to your family. I explained it as ‘something they didn’t understand.’ That’s really what it was.

It’s a simple equation. The amount of passion that someone feels for their significant other is equal to the amount of anger they feel when ‘wronged’ by their significant other. Basically, the amount you love someone that can become hate when you’re angry at them.

That happens often.

Of course, it was something horrible to see. Again, it was a series of ten minute time slots out of the whole year that we were dating. They never saw us during the good parts. The problem is when the good parts cease to be better than the bad parts. When the bad parts happen more often, and its hard to make up. It’s a problem if one person intentionally meant to hurt the other person.

The big question is – is it worth it to stay in such relationships? To constantly be feeding this hungry furnace with all your energy and passion?

For me--- it was. Then again, I’m a passionate person. Maybe it’s harder to be friends with a passionate person. Maybe Gaga was right—it’s better to want to write a ‘Bad Romance’ than actually be in one.

Then again, it’s up to you to decide.

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