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The local authority must consider whether the accommodation is suitable for the particular number and type of persons likely to occupy it.  The authority should therefore require the applicant to provide details of the proposed number of occupiers of the accommodation, and the nature of the accommodation to be provided.  The local authority should consider imposing a licensing condition to specify the maximum number of occupants for the premises.

4.7.2   The number of persons is principally relevant to ascertain whether there are sufficient bedrooms and amenities and to avoid overcrowding, and the type of occupier is relevant to ascertain any special facilities that might be required and whether the accommodation is appropriate to the proposed occupiers’ needs. 

4.7.3   In some cases this may overlap to an extent with the authority’s consideration of the safety and security of persons likely to occupy the accommodation.  For example, if the accommodation is intended to provide womens’ refuge accommodation, it is likely that a higher degree of security (e.g. secure entry, locks on bedrooms etc.) is required.  If the accommodation is intended for those requiring additional support, particular adaptations for the elderly or disabled may be necessary.

Space and layout

4.7.4   The living accommodation should not be overcrowded. Sleeping accommodation would generally be expected to be in the form of single or double bedrooms, although other arrangements may be more appropriate depending on the type and number of likely occupiers. Every room used as a bedroom would be expected to be capable of accommodating at least:
  • a bed,
  • a wardrobe (except where a built-in wardrobe of equal size is provided), and
  • a chest of drawers,
together with adequate activity space.

4.7.5   Minimum room dimensions expected are included in Annex A.

4.7.6   Suggested furniture and activity spaces are also given in Annex A.

4.7.7   All bedrooms would be expected to be located so that it is not necessary to pass through another bedroom to reach a bathroom, WC or circulation space.

4.7.8   Floor space would be expected to only be counted where there is a ceiling height of at least 1.5m. This means that, for example, attic bedrooms with coombed ceilings still need to provide a reasonable usable floorspace.

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