sydney opera house building architecture

The safety and security of occupiers is of utmost importance in assessing whether accommodation is suitable for occupation as an HMO.  Local authorities are therefore required to consider this when deciding whether accommodation is suitable for use as an HMO.  If it is considered that there are any risks to occupiers’ safety and security, the licence should not be granted until remedial action has been taken and the authority is content that the risk has been removed.

4.10.2             In considering whether the accommodation is safe and secure, the authority should have regard to any material it thinks fit.  There are links with consideration of the condition of the property, and perhaps its amenities and location.  It is expected that in most cases a direct inspection of the accommodation will be required to check safety features and identify risks (unless there is a strong justification to the contrary), as well as verification by other means that appropriate standards are met, relevant certificates have been obtained, etc.

4.10.3             Examples of matters that should be considered include gas and electrical safety, whether appropriate secure entry and locking systems are in place, and wider issues such as whether fire safety requirements are met and that the structure of the building is safe. It may also be relevant to consider whether there are any identifiable risks in accessing the building.

4.10.4             Examples of suggested standards to be applied are as follows:

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