Relationship to compliance with the Building Regulations

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The Physical Standards included in this guidance cover a range of issues, many of which are also addressed by Building Regulations. Guidance on Building Regulations is given in the new Technical Handbooks.

4.5.23             It should be borne in mind that the HMO licensing regime involves different considerations from the regulation of Building Standards, so the fact that a building meets all relevant building standards does not necessarily mean that it is suitable for occupation as an HMO. 

4.5.24             In cases where the local authority is considering requiring the applicant to carry out work on the living accommodation prior to granting the licence to make it suitable for use as an HMO, or as a licence condition, officials should liaise with building standards officers so that the applicant can be advised of any relevant permissions that may be required, in order that they may be sought and obtained prior to commencement of the works.


4.6.1   Local authorities must also consider any amenities the accommodation contains.  This is likely to include matters such as whether there are appropriate cooking and sanitary facilities, white goods such as refrigerators and washing machines, as well as adequate and appropriate storage for rubbish and recycling and facilities for drying clothes and bedding. 

4.6.2   This should be considered in conjunction with the number and type of persons likely to occupy the dwelling. Acceptable levels of provision are indicated below, however a local authority should take be willing to take into account alternative proposals for provision to suit specific local circumstances.

4.6.3   The condition of the amenities should also be considered, e.g. are they in good working order and able to be kept clean and maintained.

4.6.4   Suggested standards which the authority should apply in considering this factor are as follows:

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