PAT Certification

north side white house

A current Portable Appliance Test (PAT) Certificate must be held for all plug in appliances owned by the HMO owner. It should show whether the item passed or failed.

4.10.21           HMO owners do not have a duty to inspect electrical equipment belonging to the occupier.  The local authority may, where it considers appropriate, wish to be satisfied that HMO owners offer to / seek permission to PAT test their occupier’s electrical equipment at the same time as carrying out their own annual portable appliance tests. 


4.10.22           The accommodation must have secure locks on all access doors and ground floor or accessible windows.

4.10.23           Where the local authority considers that additional safety or security features are required in light of the type of person likely to occupy the accommodation (e.g. as a womens’ refuge where additional secure entry arrangements may be required and/or locks on bedroom doors etc.), these would be expected to be installed prior to the authority granting the licence.

4.10.24           All door locks must be capable of being opened from the inside without recourse to a key, so that residents can escape in case of fire. HMO owners could be encouraged to consult the Crime Prevention Officer at the local Police Station for advice on security.


4.11.1             When deciding whether accommodation is suitable for use as an HMO, authorities must consider whether such use of the property could result in undue public nuisance.  It is likely that this will principally relate to matters such as the possibility of unacceptable levels of noise and disruption to neighbours.

4.11.2             An example of a suggested standard local authorities would be expected to apply in considering this factor is as follows:

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