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eToro Launches New Financial Trading Platform
-Includes Lower Leverage, Longer Term Investing, Commodities Trading-

LONDON, UK (March 31, 2009) -- eToro, the fastest growing online financial trading platform, today announced the release of  its new version of its revolutionary platform making investing in forex and commodities simpler and more convenient than ever.

After surpassing all other sites providers as the number one forex destination online, eToro released a new version of its popular and unique forex platform (available via download or web-access), expanding the platform's offering to include commodities trading, long-term trades as well as lower risk levels for investors and traders. 

"Our vision of becoming the online destination and trading platform for everyday people has taken a quantum leap forward with our new platform, said Jonathon Assia, CEO and co-founder of eToro.  "With more long term investors turning to forex as financial markets around the world continue to struggle, eToro has developed the platform with tools and parameters for the more conservative forex investor on the go."

Longer Term Investing
To date, eToro has focused on forex day traders as their core of their user base. However, with the global financial crisis still in full swing, eToro has added features to accommodate the growing crowd of forex investors who justifiably look to the forex market as the right place to invest their money.  Today, when even banks can no longer be considered as safe keepers of capital, eToro has made a significant effort to offer investors a comfortable option of placing their capital in the value of currency as a long term investment. 

Lower Leverage
At the top of the list of new benefits being offered to forex investors is the addition of lower leverages to eToro’s wide range of leverage options.  The new leverages range as low as 1:5, enabling investors to open trades with significantly lower leverage, therefore greatly minimizing their risk of market exposure. This means that forex investors can invest in currencies without paying the banks’ outrageous commissions and wide spreads.  eToro has also introduced extended length trading, enabling users to take advantage of lower interest rates and leave their positions open for weeks and months with lower carry costs. This of course allows for much longer term investments which appeal to the forex investor crowds as well as the day traders.

Commodities Trading
eToro have also broadened their horizons by venturing into the commodities market to offer their clients brand new trading instruments for this popular exchange. The new version of the eToro trading platform now offers traders and investors the opportunity to diversify their investment portfolio by buying and selling gold, silver and oil against the US dollar. These commodities are now available for trade in eToro’s Trade Box arena and Expert Mode trading interface, and are sure to add value to trading with the eToro platform.

Adding this array of new software and trading features, eToro has made a considerable leap in its vision as a financial trading provider. The new eToro version offers a real opportunity for investors to discover the forex market as a legitimate refuge in these troubled times.

About eToro
With several thousand new user accounts added every month, eToro is the fastest growing platform for online forex trading.  eToro uses a unique and creative approach to online investing that incorporates all of the essential tools for forex and other financial markets trading coupled with a highly visual, simple and interactive user interface that actually educates its users from their first foreign currency trade until they reach the level of an expert.  Unlike nearly every other online forex trading platform that feature a traditional one-view filled with confusing charts and tables, the eToro forex trading platform features six different "trading arenas" ranging from highly visual beginner to expert arenas.
The eToro platform is currently available in eight languages including: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic and Russian. 

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