Chimneys, Flues and Fuels


Any chimneys/flues that are in use must be cleaned annually.

4.5.13             Where the chimneys/flues will require to be cleaned during the licence period, it is strongly suggested that authorities consider including a licence condition to the effect that they must be cleaned within a specified timescale.

4.5.14             Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) heaters must not be used. Specifications for solid fuel, oil-fired or gas-fired heaters are as per the current relevant British Standards.

Lighting and ventilation

4.5.15             Every bedroom and living room should have natural lighting and ventilation from a window or windows situated in an external wall or roof, or in a wall between the room and a conservatory.

4.5.16             The aggregate glazed area must be equal to at least 1/15th of the floor area of the apartment, and the opening area should be at least 1/30th of the floor area.

4.5.17             Kitchens, bathrooms and toilets should have either natural ventilation as for bedrooms and living rooms, or adequate mechanical ventilation.

4.5.18             There should be an electric lighting system providing at least one lighting point to every circulation space, bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom, toilet and other space having a floor area of 2 square metres or more.

4.5.19             Any lighting point serving a stair within an HMO should have controlling switches adjacent to the staircase at each storey or a suitable alternative such as energy efficient PIR (passive infrared sensors) or central control via a timer

4.5.20             Any ceiling strip light unit within the HMO must be fitted with a proper diffuser/cover.

4.5.21             In order to prevent the risk of electric shock and damage to electrical wiring due to condensation all bathrooms and shower rooms should be provided with an IP44 rated light fitting if it is required in accordance with current regulations. Where an IP44 rated light fitting is required but is not present, it is strongly suggested that authorities consider the inclusion of a licence condition to the effect that one must be fitted within a specified timescale.

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