business trade definition

Traders that try to pick the tops and bottoms of the market throughout the day end up with mostly misery because inexperienced fellows in Forex departments even in first division clubs try to pick the tops and bottoms believing that is where the real big money is. And ego demonstration and bonus consideration comes into play too for smart college graduates. The first thing I do when facing new recruits is, do my best to destroy their ego and fear in the market first. Once their ego and fear are reasonably cured, they become dutiful followers of the market like Pavolvs hounds and they can survive. And once they can survive, they can be taught on how to put temporary tops and bottoms to the market at much higher level of speculation school. Then, that may take at least a decade of training too.


Forex is all about how to hit the next ball correctly rather than worrying about something of a distant future. The next ball may be for 2 pips or 20 pips or 200 pips or 500 pips depending on a traders style.
Anything is possible in Forex.
I am useless as a daytrader. Corrections may take days or longer to complete.
Good quality info is everything in this game.
Bottom picking in the Usd/Jpy is the Mother of all risky trades.
We learn how to trade till we stop trading and we learn from each other everyday. That is the beauty of trading and life in general.
Do not worry about what market will do. Just worry about what you will do when market reaches your "pain point" or "happy point". You will have an easier life as a trader that way.
Forex players can operate quietly, but they cannot hide their moves in those charts.
Good morning. Yes, no liquidity and no conviction by players make the market look like a vagrant loitering in his usual area. Good forecasts and trades.
Good sleep is essential for good trading but most of the traders I know of seem to sleep with one eye open.

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