Ten More Comments on Dream Interpretation

in the world of dreams

(1)  You must resist the temptation to interpret a client’s dream -- it is okay to throw out suggestions and
       possibilities but in the end it is the client’s dream and it is the client’s interpretation that matters

(2)  Be careful about “springing a leak.”  Remember, you may be digging into a person’s most disturbing, most
       elusive, and/or most unconscious material.  The client needs to be and feel safe when he/she is surprised by
       what the dream may symbolize.

(3)  The client should feel that he/she can stop the dream interpretation at any time.  The dream may become too
       emotionally overwhelming and it is important to let the client feel in control at all times.

(4)  The client should also be encouraged to review and revise the dream -- let them feel free to change the
       outcome of the dream.

(5)  Make the client feel right about his/her interpretation; typically clients know when an interpretation does and
       does not fit.

(6)  Whether an interpretation is/is not successful, encourage the client to go home and continue exploring the
       meaning and the significance of the dream.

(7)  Encourage the client to consider alternative, equally plausible meanings.

(8)  As the therapist, give yourself time to also explore the meaning and significance of the dream.  Feel free to
       refer back to the dream in subsequent sessions.

(9)  Please proceed slowly with dream interpretation.  Review the literature.  Practice on yourself.  Get additional
       training and/or supervision.  Utilize your own dreams in therapy.

(10)  Remember, as with all techniques, the goal is to find out for whom it works when and how -- not all clients
        will be interested in and/or benefit from dream interpretation.  The therapist does not have to be fanatical
        about dream interpretation either.  The goal should be looking for those opportunities when dream

        interpretation can enhance therapy for all participants.

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