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Classified ads are one of the best ways to make money on
the internet. There are so many new and improved classified
ad sites out there that your chances of making lots of money
are very high, we will give you a huge list of the best
classified ad sites around the world. Expert ad-placers like
myself place classifieds in as many sites as possible daily.
The more classified ads you place the more people will send
you emails asking you something about the product you
wrote about in your ad. That is what we want.

The more mails that we receive the more emails we will process successfully. We can even set it up so that people can join your auto responder, when people do this they will get a
series of emails automatically without you having to do
anything. It is all automated. We will tell you more about
auto responders a little later on in the Member's area.

In this section we will place a classified ad together on Once you have your account with them you
can place free ads or paid ads. You can open a free account,
a gold account or a premium account. We suggest that you
open a Premium account, because with a premium account
there is no limit to the number of ads you can place. A
premium account costs $9.99 a month, which isn't very
much considered the amounts of money you can make per
month with your classifieds. With a Gold account you can
only type 25 ads and have 25 ads running at one time. With
a premium account you can have hundreds. Usfreeads also
has what they call Feature ads, these ads go at the top of
the category you choose. A featured ad costs around $40.
Featured ads are a great way to get lots of people to click on
your ad and visit your product website. We highly
recommend that you place some featured ads as well as
many premium ads as you can type. Please note: When
purchasing a featured ad it is best to place the ads for 12
months, the maximum amount of time possible, doing this
ensures you are at the top of the category. The longer you
place your ad for, the higher up on the page it will be. You
will be glad you did. One ad we made with them made us
over $450, the ad cost was only $40. This is a 100% truthful

Ok, so now we will place a classified together, this ad is just
an example to give you an idea as to how many classified ad
sites work.

First you go to and you login to your
account. You then click on Place Ad at their site. Your next
step is to choose a category for your ad. For this classified
we will choose Business Opportunities. You click on that.

Next it will show you a list of sub-categories. You will click
on Work at Home.

After choosing Work at Home as your sub-category, you will
choose a second sub-category.

For this ad we will choose Ad Typists as the second subcategory.

Please note that not all classified ad sites have this
many category options. The good part about Usfreeads is
that there are several sub-categories which means you can
place multiple ads in several different business opportunities
categories. After clicking on Ad Typists You will click on the
second option where it says click here to place your ad
without setting it to run in a personal category.
Next you will click on Regular classified with text and

Now you will type your ad, type your title, description, price
and your product link. For the price we have written nothing,
many ad typers leave the price part with nothing in it. When
people visit your ad they will see the price anyways, if you
want to add the price that is up to you. You don't need to fill
in the other boxes that are in the ad setup, the ones filled
out below are the only ones you need to fill out.

Next it will show you a preview of your ad, you now click on
Save Ad, if you need to edit your ad, you can do that after.
Now we will add an image to your classified ad. Classifieds
that have an image with them are clicked on much more
then ads that don't have one. We suggest you always put an
image with your classifieds. If you don't have any images to
put with your classifieds, just go to and
click on Image search on the top left. Now you will type
money, or home business, in the search field and click
submit. A bunch of images will appear, you can now save
them to your computer. Right click over the image you want
and click on Save Picture As. The image will then be saved
to your computer, you can save it to My Documents or My
Pictures, either is fine. Now you will click on Upload Images
in the ad options section.

The instructions for uploading your image are below, just
follow what they tell you to do to upload your image.

After choosing your image, a second page will appear. Click
on Click here.

Your image will be shown on the screen when it has been
successfully uploaded. Now you are done you can place
other classifieds now if you wish to. Please go to the bottom
of this page to proceed to the next section. The more
classifieds you place, the more people will write to your
about your ad, this will result in you sending out more
emails and making more money.

List of the places where you will place ads.

Here are some of the best places where you can place ads,
we suggest you place ads on as many sites as you can. The
more ads you place the more money you will make.
In many of these classified sites your ad will be seen and
clicked on by more people when you pay a small fee, we
recommend you pay these small fees because your ad will
be clicked on by more people this way. However we also
recommend that you place free ads as much as possible

Classified ad sites:

Usfreeads This is one of the most popular classified ad sites.
You can place as many ads as you want when you are a
premium member. You can join as a free member too, when
you join as a free member you can have a maximum of 2
ads running at a time. As a Gold member you can have a
maximum of 25 ads running at a time. As a premium
member you can place as many ads as you want, there is no
limit to the amount of ads you can place. A gold membership
is $10 per year. A premium membership is only $9.99 a
month. We suggest you go with the Premium membership,
that way you can place a lot more ads. This is a popular classified ad sites,
when you place an ad here your ad will be clicked on a lot.
Very good place to put ads.

Web This is also a very good site that has a
section for business opportunities. Highly recommended Excellent classified ad site. Great for
posting ads. This is a great Canadian
classifieds site. -Good site! Good site! Good site! Good site! Good site! Good site! What's good about this classified
ad site, is that the ads you place will be shown on hundreds
of other classified ad sites too. This site is filled with lots of great classifieds, you
can post ads at a very small fee. Good site! This is another great site to post
ads on. Good site! -This site is also one of the biggest
classified ad sites around. There are tons of categories to
choose from. Good site! Huge Canadian Classified ad site. Huge US classified ad site. They too have lots of business
ads in their Jobs and Careers section. They also have lots of
other types of ads too.

Us Listed Good site! Business Opportunity

Domestic This site is filled with tons of classified

Ok, now that you know some of the best classified ad sites
that serve Canadian, and American people mostly, you will
also want to seek out Classified ad sites in your area. For
example if you live in the UK, you will want to do a search
on for classified ad sites in your area. Even if
you are from the US or Canada or from India for that
matter, we suggest you place ads on all the sites listed on
this page.

We just did a search for classifieds in the uk on Google, here
are some of the sites that popped up. We have reviewed
these sites and they are all good places to place ads on. The
ads you will place can accept orders from any country, so
placing in these sites is a very good idea. Good site! Good site! Good site! Good site! Good site! Good site! Good site! Good site! Good site!

Here are some classified ad sites in India-Posting to these
sites is an excellent idea too. Good site! Good site! Good site! Good site! This is a
global classified site-good.

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