Pectoral of King Tutankhamun JE 61950 SERPENTINITE, GOLD, WOOD NEW KINGDOM: 18TH DYNASTY Indescribable !!!

Pectorals, which were considered to be shields, were important jewelry items of kings or high officials.
The magic of the sacred symbols, deities and colors on the shields protected the wearer in life and the afterlife.
Unlike many other pectorals made of gold and semiprecious stones, this pectoral is made of gilded wood and colored glass. The main decorative element is the royal cartouche containing the throne name of the king.
The serpentine scarab, usually the central and most important element of the pectoral, is used as a counterbalance and hangs on the back of the wearer. This pectoral was given as a present for the burial of the king by one of the humbler attendants.

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