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Posting your links in Forums (Optional and at no cost to you)
Posting your product links in Forums is another great way to
process even more emails. It's free and it works. In fact we
highly recommend you post threads in these forums listed
below. Just using this method you can make a lot of money.
Sometimes with just one post in a forum you can generate
200 or more visitors to your product link websites. A great
way to successfully process lots of emails.
Please note that you can also include your email address in
any post you do on a forum. You then in turn email them
about your opportunity when they contact you. You can
expect to make $50 to $200 a day alone just posting to all
the forums on this page. What you want to do in the forums
is include your website link and your email address, that
way they can contact you and they can also go ahead and
buy your product right away.

Here is an example of a successful post in a work at home

Recently got this and was wandering if anyone here had
heard of it. I don't see much of it in google searches, so
maybe it's relatively untapped? I hope so. Anyway, if anyone
has seen it or is in it, can you tell me how things are going
and if things are good, give me some tips? I really like the
concept, and I already got my investment back and I got it
Saturday. But, I want to make alot of money because my
birthday is next Friday and that is going to be my present to
me! LOL

In this example people will read my post in the forum and
be curious about the opportunity I am talking about. In the
link at the bottom of the message you would replace the
gray26 with your clickbank username to get credit for
sending people to sending your clickbank website.
The person who posted this paragraph got over 300 replies
to his post. As you can see this stuff really works. He
probably made about $100 or $200 from one post.
When you want to post in a forum it is always free to join a
forum. Here is a list of some good forums we have posted
on and gotten good results. You can also find even more on
google.com, just type business opportunity forum, or home
business forum, or small business forum.

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Now you have got a whole arsenal of ways to earn money
using email, ads, and forums. Your email is an important key
in all this, because most people buy products when they are
sent an email. So we recommend you use your email
address as much as possible. You will process more emails

that way.

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