Method 3 of Processing Email

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Sending large amounts of email at once.

(Taking your email processing business to the next level.)
This method of processing emails is known to be one of the
most profitable. There are lots of websites that have huge
lists of email addresses of people who have signed up for
their newsletter. These are people that are waiting each
week for an email to be sent to them.
You can place your ad about your Clickbank product in an
email and send it to these people. We ourselves have an
email list of over 18 000 people. When we send an email to
these people we get sales, LOTS of sales. Everything about
this method of processing emails is automated. You write 1
email text, you then send it to one person who will send it
out to thousands. You only need to write 1 email. That's it.
Email marketing is by far the best way to make money on
the internet.

Here's what you need to do to get started with this method
of processing emails. First we suggest that you open an
account with either or with . Both provide auto responders and with
them you can build huge lists of email addresses. This is a
great way to automate your business. When people send
you an email you can ask them to join your email list. They
will then receive a series of automated emails from you
about your opportunity. Once you have opened an auto
responder account you can create this series of automated
emails. You can try for free for 30 days.
For the moment though we will show you how to process
emails without even using those 2 services. However we do
encourage you to get an auto responder.

Ok, so to send thousands of emails at once without
spamming you need to first build an email letter to send to
these people. (We will show you some places to send these
emails a little later on this page)

Here is one email we sent out to our list, it generated
several processed emails. We made hundreds. Email

Are you ready to learn how it is that some people earn over
$2000.00 per day with my system? Are you ready to take
advantage of the same tools and training that these people
have used to take action towards financial freedom in your
life? Let me tell you what my system will do for you. When
you purchase

The Rich School Boy program you will get a proven,
groundbreaking system that propels your personal earnings
into income brackets you've only dreamed of. No matter
what your talents or job experiences are, you can harness
this powerful system and watch your net worth reach
stratospheric levels. All you need to do is arm yourself with
my step-by-step blueprint to financial freedom. First, you'll
create your own wealth, and then you just sit back and
watch it grow.

Notice the link at the bottom of the email. That is what
makes you earn money. When they click on your Clickbank
link, visit the site, and order you have processed another
successful email. The part marked gray26 in the link above
makes that my Clickbank product, if your username was
Joe1234, you would replace the xxxx with Joe1234, making
it your own clickbank product.

There are literally thousands of websites that offer
advertising in their newsletter. What you want to do to send
to these people is to place an ad in these website's
newsletter. You can place a Top sponsor ad, a regular
sponsor ad, or sometimes you can place a Solo ad. The solo
ad is the best option. When you send a solo ad, your letter is
the only letter they see when they open the email. So you
are sure to have visitors to your clickbank product.
Placing an ad in a newsletter can cost anywhere between
$15 an ad to over $300 an ad. It all depends on the size of
the list you are sending to. For example if you place an ad
for $15 and your product makes you $20 a sale, you only
need to have 1 sale to be in profit.

Here is what will make you get sales. You need to write your
email letter professionally. Or as professionally as you can.
Make the people realize that they need your product. Also
you should write a good review of the product telling people
about the good points on your product. You then put your
clickbank link at the bottom of the email.

Out of all the ways of making money processing emails this
is one of the best. We highly suggest that before you go
ahead and buy an ad in a newsletter, we suggest you buy a
low priced ad, from $10 to $35. Once you have purchased
an ad in a newsletter, you will then see what kind of results
you get. Let's say you get 4 successfully processed emails
from your newsletter ad, that will make you anywhere
between $50 and $100. You will then know that you can
trust the owner of the website that you hired to send out
your emails for you. THEN you can buy more expensive ads.
Sending out low cost ads is a good way to test a newsletter.
Once you trust a newsletter's results, you can then send
SOLO ads in their newsletters. By sending a solo email ad to
their subscribers you can earn very good amounts of money.
Here are some excellent websites that provide huge lists of
good newsletters that you can send emails with. Visiting
these 2 sites is a good idea. You will realize that there are a
lot of places to send email.

And here are some newsletters that we have already made
good money with, you can put ads in these people's
newsletters. We suggest that you start with placing ads at
costs that are not too high. Once you have seen some
profits with your emails, you can then move on to more
expensive bigger email lists.


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