Gold Prospecting

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a collection of free tips and tricks to improve your chances of finding gold.
Topics include: gold prospecting tricks of the trade, gold panning instructions, general gold prospecting info, learn how to read a river for gold, finding gold in crevices and bedrock, metal detecting for gold nuggets, proper set up and use of suction dredges and sluice boxes. Concentrate clean up tips and more.
Hundreds of gold prospecting tips are below
Gold Prospecting Tip of the Week:
#1, Tie a few feet of fishing line to some small lead weights and affix balloons to the line... set it loose down the river and watch where the weights settle - that's a good place to start your hunt for gold.

#2, If you brush your teeth with a "Sonicare" battery operated the (2) magnets that drive the brush head when you replace it. These are very small but Super strong can easily separate them from the brush head with a sideways twist. Use your new magnets to remove black sands from your gold.
Submitted by: Brewer Bellows Machine - Builds and offers bellows-type drywashers for sale.

#3, In & around hills of shale rock, carry a canvas bucket & long handled, digging tool. Scoop out clay or soil trapped between pieces of shale, place scooped out clay or shale into bucket & carry pail to water source & pan the bucket. Shale rock cliffs & steep hillsides act as a natural sluice box & trap gold over the years as rain water wears down the hills. Submitted by B. Babson Duvall, WA.

Tons of free gold panning and gold prospecting tips and tricks of the mining trade.

Look below for guides on getting started in gold panning, metal detecting for gold nuggets, finding placer gold in a river, how to corectly use a sluice, and setting up a new suction dredge. More free instructions and general gold mining info can be found by clicking on the links below.
We hope the various panning, sluicing, and dredging tips provided here will ignite your Gold Fever and give you a better chance at striking it rich!
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Joke of the Week - "Gold Prospectors never die - they just smell that way from dry-washing their clothes!"

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