How to Succeed in School

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This is a new nine weeks and a new beginning; you are not behind in any of your connection classes. It is up to you to stay on track and not fall behind.

1.     Get plenty of sleep the night before. (8 hours)

2.     Eat a nutritious breakfast. ( Not just junk food)

3.     Come to school prepared…supplies, lunch money….

4.     Pay attention in class. Concentrate on the subject.

5.     Take notes. Don’t daydream in class.

6.     Never sleep in class. (Head on desk)

7.     Eat lunch.

8.     Do your homework first instead of watching TV., or playing computer/video games, talking on the phone, hanging out with friends, listening to the radio, or anything else that keeps you from your homework. Also study your class notes.

9.     Even if you are not assigned homework, study your class notes every night. Read the chapter in the book where your notes and homework come from.

10. Start on long term assignments right away. Don’t put off assignments until later, you will fall behind and try to do it at the last minute. That’s bad. (Exams!)

11. Turn in your homework, or other assignments on time.

12. Participate in class. Ask if you don’t understand something.

13. This is how to prepare for the upcoming graduation exams, and for: college, technical school, apprenticeship, military service, etc…and for the rest of your life in general. The most prepared will have the most choices of careers to chose from, and will usually earn the highest pay. It’s your choice…what are you going to do?

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