The Profits Principles - The practical guide to building an extraordinary business around doing what you love

The Profits Principles - The practical guide to building an extraordinary business around doing what you love by [Briginshaw, Steven]

  • Paperback: 262 pages
  • Publisher: Rethink Press Limited (20 Jun. 2016)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1781331928
  • ISBN-13: 978-1781331927

Break free from the 'time for money' treadmill and build a business that works for you!

Too many business owners work too many hours for not enough pay. They don't have time or the energy for family, friends, hobbies and relaxing. If they don't work, they don't get paid. You may think you own a business but, if these points ring true for you, chances are you actually own a job.

In The Profits Principles Steven Briginshaw draws on his vast experience as a chartered accountant and business mentor to show exactly what you need to do to...

1. Build a dream business around your passion;
2. Move from owning a job to owning a business that works for you;
3. Reclaim your time and energy to get your life, relationships and health working in harmony;
4. Set your business on course to provide you with the life you've always wanted;
5. Wake up each morning with motivation and energy for the day ahead.

Steven Briginshaw, an award winning entrepreneur, has been helping business owners take control of their business since 2000. Through his work with hundreds of clients, Steven noticed that the problems, challenges and barriers to building a dream business are the same for all of us. This book was written to empower, educate and encourage those business owners who want to build an extraordinary business around doing what they love.

The Profits Principles: The practical guide to building an extraordinary business around doing what you love

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Mr A P Cox When I read this book it left me feeling that there was a clear, step by step method for turning my passion and love for my small busines into something, sustainable, profitable and fun. The book gives you a sense of confidence because all the steps seem logical but are aligned in a clever way to help you make your business dreams (and your personal dreams) a reality.

The author also comes across as an authority on the subject but maintains a compassionate feel throughout. I would assume because he himself has already walked through these steps with his own business. I look forward to having this as my business support manual for a long time to come!

Harry This is a book that someone in high school can use to understand what to think about to become an entrepreneur. It is also valuable to an MBA grad. Steven covers a lot of areas, but each one is necessary in order to succeed. He makes you take the time to think. He guides you through the process to do this. He writes in a conversational style. You feel as though he is by you having a conversation. I know this book should be required reading for any high school business or college entrepreneur class. It is a great investment of your time.

JohnWilliamson This is the first book I've read for people (like me) who believe that you should love the work you do and that your business should be an integral part of your happiness. It combines some of the best lessons from my favourite business, marketing and personal development books with the author's unique and obvious passion for teaching people to understand the simple numbers behind their businesses, so they can make the decisions that will get them to their goals in life. The result is a clear structure for you to follow with exercises and questions to guide you through each step of the PROFITS process. I'm 5 years into being a business owners and, having implemented just a fraction of what is in this book over those 5 years, I know it would have given me a massive head start (and definitely save me a lot of stress!) when leaving my job and starting my business back then. But reading it right now has re-inspired me to make my business into something that will allow me to achieve my dreams and live the life I set out to when I quit my job. Highly recommended to anyone considering starting a business or with an existing business that isn't giving them the life they want. Thank you Steven Briginshaw!

Mike Goncalves Steven makes a clear distinction between what owning a job versus owning a business looks like and walks you through the practical steps necessary to stop trading time for money and instead, build a well oiled machine that's constantly running and making you money whether you're in the office or on a beach somewhere on vacation. Steven's philosophy of working "ON" your business and not just "IN" your business is a game changer. Steven's experience and guidance offers a unique and refreshing approach to business where it's about more than just the numbers and making money... it's about happiness, fulfillment, and a life worth living. If you're serious about your business and ready to take it to the next level, do yourself a favor and read The Profits Principles, you'll be glad you did.

The Profits Principles: The practical guide to building an extraordinary business around doing what you love

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