Security Cameras are Illegal In Banks And Private Businesses In Canada

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Well, in this case I just absolutely was at a loss for words. According to research the implication of the personal information protection and electronic documents act initiated in Canada made it illegal for banks and private businesses to use hidden security cameras or other types of security cameras in their establishment.

I thought I was reading wrong, however it is true. According to the act it is against the law to collect information or photograph, which includes the use of security cameras, without the person's written consent. This is very weird to me. In order to use a security camera you have to have the consent of your customers. These financial institutions and banks surely realize the risk they are taking don't they?

Without the use of security cameras, they are forced to rely solely on witnesses that are around. And if there are none this means that whoever decided to break into the financial institution will be almost impossible to find, This is also going to make it hard on authorities to investigate, the only real leads they will be able to go on, will be witnesses as well along with fingerprints, that is if the suspects didn't wear gloves. This act that has been passed should be re thought on the behalf on the Canadians. They are bound to lose money and if it is the idea to protect the privacy of the people, then the people should speak out. I wonder just how many of them like the idea of their money going unprotected because of this new act that has been set into place.

Could you imagine someone walking into a financial institution or bank in the United States asking the bank president to shut off their security camera because it violates the individual's privacy rights? Authorities in Canada disagree with this new act. They say without the use of security cameras it will hinder their efforts  and compromise investigations on bank theft or property theft, as well as shoplifters to say the least.

They also believe that without the ability to use security cameras as well as other surveillance, the crime rate will initially rise in Canada. There is a clause in this act however, it states that security cameras could and should be used in public places where safety is an issue.

This is a scenario that is definitely headed for a huge downfall. Security cameras provide assistance not only for safety situations, but also aid authorities in their investigations. Without the use of security cameras this allows potential thieves and criminals to go much farther than they normally would if they knew the security cameras were present and in use.

All this is doing is sending a negative message. If a person goes into a convenience store, they could actually ask that the security camera be turned off while they were on the premises.

The act doesn't say security cameras aren't allowed to be installed or on the premises, it just states that you cannot use them.

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