Security Camera being Installed In Parks

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Some bigger parks are installing security cameras in their parks where people come to enjoy a day outing. People feel safer and can enjoy more recreation and time with their family and friends. The only problem with security cameras in local parks, is the expense and some towns and cities cannot afford the extra cost. However, in areas where the security cameras are installed the crime rate and acts of violence are going down. So, this is obviously the right thing a city can do.

Security cameras sometimes are seen within the park while other parks have security cameras now the public is simply unable to see them. Basic security cameras are going down in expense so, it is becoming easier for purchasing them, however, the security cameras also require maintenance at certain times.

Another problem with security cameras in parks is the fact that during evening hours most of the security cameras will not pick up much. Unless they are designed for night viewing and this is another expense that some cities and towns just cannot afford. Although there are several parks across the United States now, that do in fact have security cameras in different areas of the park. Most of these parks are the bigger ones of course, and the parks that have possibly important features.

National parks also have installed security cameras in some areas of the United States. Providing extra precaution to the preservation of wildlife as well as to the visitors that go to the parks for recreation and fun. Unfortunately the parks that suffer are those now without the use of security cameras. People are afraid to go somewhere that could lead to potential danger. In these cases, if families want to enjoy recreation; often times they can call the courthouse or city administration and find out where the closest park, if any has security cameras, and they will be able to assist you. In some cases, like small towns there are just no funds for security cameras therefore you will probably not find any parks in that area with security cameras.

However in bigger cities you are more than likely going to see security cameras in the parks, Central park in New York was considering putting in security cameras and as a matter a fact if they did, they could be hidden security cameras.

Among other parks is the national park of Yosemite. These security cameras however, have been in place for some time.  Security cameras in parks are a good idea for big cities and little towns alike. They have taken measures to light these parks at night in a lot of areas, so why not also include security cameras?

Some people claim there will soon be no where that people won't be seen, unfortunately this could be true, however if it were a matter of your safety wouldn't you rather be seen, before something terrible at a park  happened to you or someone loved.

If you weigh the circumstances, society, and the acts of violence against others, the answer would be clear, You would want the security cameras placed in the local parks if it is at all possible,


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