How to make a choice of friends while at work, it can make a difference in your career

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A lot of people will say that when it comes to making friends at work, it will not only make the job easier, but you’ll also get a personal gain from the job. Keep in mind that when it comes to making friends you will need to watch out what you say at work and to whom. A lot of times you will find that your so called friends will in the end turn against you. The thing is that a lot of people feel the need to click with others, but at the same time they feel the need to be cut-throat when it comes to competition with promotions and so on. Often there will be rumors and lies. You don’t want to involve yourself too much in these friendships.

The worst type of “friend” to have at work is someone who uses guilt. Basically, you will find that once you get to know someone you will be quick to do favors. You will want to avoid these types of people because they are very misleading and also you will need to keep in mind that your productivity make take a turn downwards when it comes to getting your own work done.

Also, keep in mind that you don’t want to have friends that don’t let you get work done. If you are constantly being visited by your friends then you aren’t doing any of your work. If they do not accept that you are busy then they are not worth being around at work because they will just bring you down. You don’t need someone to bring you down in job performance, but you also want to make sure that you don’t allow these types of things to distract you and allow you to become a slacker.

Also, it’s really nice for you to have some commodity when at work, because you will have people there to back you up when the going gets tough, however, when it comes to the after work hours, you may want to consider taking a step back. Just because someone is really nice and courtesy at work, doesn’t mean that they are really nice in the real world. You shouldn’t expect to make friends and then remain friends after you clocked out. A lot of people become disappointed by this. It’s best that you start friendships, but take it slowly.

Another type of friend that you will want to write off quickly is one the is quick to ask for money. You don’t want to make it confrontational, but you should never had to feel that you need to give up money for anything. You don’t have to pay for them to go to lunch because they are broke. You don’t have to pay for their girl scout cookies, because all they have is a hundred. Excuses are excuses and should never be validated. When a friend that you barely know asks you for money you should run for the hills.

A lot of people feel the need for friendships at work because it is almost empowering, but the truth is that it is not empowering, it’s not a good way to slack off. You’ll need to make sure that you make good decisions so that you can carry on with your work, but also benefit from having friends at work. It is really nice to have friends that back you up at work, but you will also find that it can sometimes be very cut throat and these people who you trust may end up turning on you. You will want to start your friendships at work slowly.

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