How to find a better paying position, within your own field

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First, you have to understand that there is a difference between having a good job and a good
paying good. A lot of people become confused because they think that their pay determines what a
good job is. The thing is, money means nothing. Unless you absolutely can’t afford to live on the
current salary that you make, you should never leave your job because of your pay. If you really do
like your job, you may want to take inconsideration of the contacts that you have made through the
company and try to use them for your financial beneficial, but you will need to stop and consider
what exactly it is that is driving you out of your job. If you really do need to find a better paying
position, then you may want to stop and talk to your boss about the current situation.

You may find that when you talk to your boss you will be able to work with the company and you
may end up getting all the over time or your boss may even give you a promotion. Ask your boss if
there is anything personally that they can do to help you out with the money situation. If it has been
awhile since you had a raise, then you’ll need to ask your boss for a raise. Keep in mind that you
have nothing to lose and asking never hurt anyone.

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