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Although being creative might be something you don’t think you have within you, you simply haven’t found a way to tap into your creative potential.  While you may not know where your particular strengths lie, you can discover what works for you and your spouse as well as what doesn’t work with a few simple ideas to get you started.

Take a large, empty jar and use it so that each time you come up with what you think are spectacularly romantic ideas, you can write them down on small separate pieces of paper.  Keep writing your ideas down until the jar is full.  If your spouse wants to participate in this with you, he or she can add romantic ideas as well.  About once each week, one of you must take an idea from the jar (no peeking) and they have to follow through on their selection within the following week. 

Both spouses should be able to add to the jar at any time.  If one spouse or both have a difficult time coming up with romantic ideas on their own, they can think about some of the most romantic movies that they’ve ever seen in order to try and come up with ideas.  Another way to get ideas is to watch soap operas!  While most of the story lines aren’t something anyone wants to have to experience in their lifetime, some of the lines and gestures are incredibly romantic!  You can also read a romance novel!  They are chock full of what most women fantasize about with a man and you will have a unique perspective in being able to provide it to your spouse.  If still come up empty, you check your local library or book store and take a look at the hundreds of books filled with all sorts of original romantic ideas.

Do you love a challenge?  Create your own original search-a-word or crossword puzzle that contains important events in your lives or things that have special meaning to both of you.  You can include things like where you went on your honeymoon, where he or she proposed, private jokes, pet names, favorite songs, favorite time of day or anything else that makes you think of your spouse.

When you feel that your creativity just won’t cut it and you want to present your spouse with a gift, it might not be an opportune time to get in the car, go to the store and take the time to pick up something special.  Instead of always waiting until you are approaching a special occasion or you simply need something ‘last minute’, why not start picking up little gifts here and there for your spouse and put them away in a secret hiding place to be used later on?  You can also save money by shopping for your spouse this way when you buy items on sale or discounted, when you buy in bulk or simply when you see something you are sure your spouse would love.  You will always be prepared for any type of special occasion or no particular occasion at all!

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