Ruin, The Turning: The Turning (Ruin Series Book 4)

Ruin, The Turning: The Turning (Ruin Series Book 4) by [Bane, Lucian]

Ruin wakes up on Earth knowing only one thing: to Judge and Execute. 

As an Angel of Judgment with no memory of his origins and no ability to communicate, he binds molecularly with Isadore, the first human he comes into contact with. 

In the fourth installment of the series, The Turning, Ruin must face his latest nightmare assignment: To judge and execute Isadore. 

Waging war against Heaven and Hell, Ruin collides with a diabolical crossroad of unforeseen fate, and the nightmare of good and evil that ensues sends him spiraling into a darkness that he doesn't wish to escape. 

The Ruin Series sizzles with sexual, spiritual, funny, and truly inspiring romance. The unique concept and premise of this series surpasses the tropes and norms unlike anything you've read before. 

Bestselling Author, Lucian Bane, dominates his spin on the popular Paranormal Romance genre, quickly becoming one of the many masters that rock our beloved book world.

Ruin, The Turning: The Turning (Ruin Series Book 4) 

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