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One of the best parts about being married is being able to build an intimate relationship with someone special for the rest of your life.  Intimacy is so very important to the success of every relationship.  Romance can only take you so far.  Many times it leads to intimacy but sometimes the intimacy still isn’t triggered.  Some couples require a little extra ‘something’ in order to get ‘jump-started’ in the bedroom.  If you want to consider some creative ways to get creative in the bedroom or to simply spice up an existing love life, here are a few tips.

Being ‘naughty’ is quite a turn-on for most men and women in the bedroom.  What one person might consider being naughty might feel or seem completely normal to another person.  In order to enjoy intimate growth, it is important to be comfortable with your own sexuality.  This is something that you can work on on your own, with your spouse or with the help of a qualified professional.

To begin, fill the back of your car with ‘comfort’ items like pillows and blankets.  Take him or her for a drive in the country.  You’ve got the tools and the imagination to take it from there.  If you are looking to make it truly interesting, wear something truly risqué and slowly undress revealing bits of you lingerie at a time to your spouse while you head out to the country (make sure the driving is safe, though!).  The men can do the same!

One thing that most men tend to enjoy in the bedroom but never really talk about is when he and/or his spouse engage in ‘talking dirty’.  Talking dirty can mean a lot of things to a lot of different people, so they type of dirty talk can vary from relationship to relationship.  First of all, talk to your spouse if you have an interest in trying to talk dirty while making love.  If you feel comfortable enough with your spouse, simply try a little bit and watch for his or her reactions the next time you make love.  Some women in particular feel that they wouldn’t even know where to begin to talk dirty to their spouse.  For all you novices, there are a number of books available that can help you develop the confidence and skills for talking dirty in the bedroom.  Also, you can probably find a number of resources on the Internet with useful information.  It may not seem like a really romantic gesture, but anything that spices up the action in the bedroom is really very romantic!

Men love lingerie- period.  It’s a fact and they would absolutely go wild if you were to stage a lingerie fashion show for them!  You can videotape it for him so that he can enjoy you over and over again.  You can take it a step further and perform a strip tease for him at the very end.  Watch him loose control during your finale!  Men, you can do the same for women.  There are a number of different items you can don for the woman in your life.  A simple bow tie and pair of Italian briefs is good enough!  Whatever you do, it is between you and your spouse with the intention of increasing intimacy which will in turn nurture you love for each other.

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