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You’ve worked long and hard writing your book. You’ve considered carefully your publishing options and chosen E-BookTime to publishyour book (Thank You!). Or maybe you haven’t quite made up your mind yet? Either way, this guide should be helpful. It consolidates the information found elsewhere on our website, discusses some important things in more detail, and provides samples of various book formatting choices.

Publishing Packages

So you finally finished the book you have been working on for months? Ready to see it in print? E-BookTime is the book publisher who can turn your dream of being a published author into reality! Let us publish your manuscript as a high quality print on demand (POD) paperback or hardcover book with an eBook edition for Amazon’s Kindle and Barnes & Noble’s Nook. If you are not familiar with print on demand, it is a process where the printer can create a single copy on demand for shipment to customers. If you prefer, you can publish just eBook editions for Amazon’s Kindle and Barnes & Noble’s Nook.

We like to keep things simple and to the point. We offer three publishing packages:

eBook - This service costs $295.00 and provides publishing as an eBook for Amazon’s Kindle and Barnes & Noble’s Nook.

Paperback - This service costs $395.00 and provides publishing as a paperback book and as an eBook for Amazon’s Kindle and Barnes & Noble’s Nook.

Hardcover - This service costs $695.00 and provides publishing of your work in both hardcover and paperback editions and as an eBook for Amazon’s Kindle and Barnes & Noble’s Nook.

The price of the three packages includes everything to publish your manuscript. For the paperback and hardcover packages you also receive five free copies of your paperback or hardcover book. There are several optional items which may increase the total cost to you, but, again, these are entirely optional:

Ø      Copyright Registration

Registration of your copyright is not required for us to publish your book. However, if you want the additional protection that is provided by registration of your copyright we will be happy to submit the application for you. We charge $125.00 for this service which includes preparation of the application, payment of the registration fee and submission of two copies of your book. The benefits of copyright registration are discussed in more detail later in this guide.

Ø      Printed Manuscript Scanning

We can also accept printed manuscripts if you do not have it in a computer file, however, there is an extra fee of $100.00 for 125 manuscript pages or less. Add $1.00 per page for each additional page over 125 pages. It must be typed in a non-cursive font similar to what you see here so our scanners can read it.

Ø      Interior Pictures, Illustrations or Other Images

If your manuscript has pictures, illustrations or other images there is a fee of $5.00 per image. Please be aware that all interior pages of print books are printed in black and white only. For the eBook only publishing option, color photographs can be included. There is no fee for pictures or other artwork to be used on covers.

Ø      Library of Congress Control Number

The Library of Congress Control Number (LCCN) is a unique identification number assigned by the Library of Congress to the catalog record it creates for each book in its catalog system used by most libraries. While assignment of a number does not guarantee libraries will acquire your book, libraries seldom acquire books without an LCCN or CIP data. For a $50.00 fee we will arrange for assignment of an LCCN to your book.

Ø      Copyedit Service

Copyedit service is available for authors who think their manuscript needs some extra polishing work to make it ready for printing. This service is only $.01 per word, counting all words in the manuscript.

First book or tenth book, regardless of how experienced the author, all manuscripts require copyedit to ensure the published book will be the best it can be. Typos, incorrect grammar and punctuation, spelling mistakes, inappropriate word usage, etc., will greatly reduce the quality of a book. You want your readers completely focused on the important message you are trying to convey or engrossed in your story – without being distracted by having to do an impromptu copyedit themselves to figure out what you were trying to say...

If you can separate yourself from your own work well enough to do a thorough technical copyedit review, that is great; or if you know someone else who is qualified and willing to do it for you, that is even better. If not, we can provide the top quality copyedit service you need.

Copyedit Service Details

The time it takes to complete the editing process is approximately three weeks on average; however, the time may be more or less depending upon manuscript size and degree of update required. Please note that our advertised estimated publishing time does not include the editing service time.

An editor will read your entire manuscript and make changes as needed in the areas listed below. Our guide is The Chicago Manual of Style which is the commonly recognized standard setting the rules and best practices for writing.

·            Spelling
·            Capitalization
·            Grammar
·            Punctuation
·            Appropriate Word Usage
·            Sentence Structure (Phrasing)
·            Paragraphing
·            Character Dialog
·            Consistent Character Name Use and Spelling
·            Italics for Titles (Movies, Books, etc.)
·            Hyphenation
·            Abbreviations and Acronyms
·            Numbers, Dates, Time

The above areas are clear enough in a general sense; however, some additional explanation is needed to fully explain the editing process.

Before any changes are made the editor will do a general review of the manuscript to get a sense of the author’s style. Every author has their own style and there is nothing wrong with that. The last thing we want to do is try to impose our own style on your work. While editing the manuscript changes will be made to agree with normal standards – but without compromising the author’s style.

Probably the best examples of style related items are the use of slang or sentence fragments. While a word may be spelled wrong according to a dictionary or a sentence may be a fragment – they may be “correct” if appropriately used by the author within the context of their style and story. In these cases, we would change only when slang words or fragments are inconsistently or inappropriately used.

Biblical references and quotes of passages from the Bible are reviewed; however, the editor will make changes only when absolutely sure they are needed. This is because there are a great many slightly different wordings of Bible passages depending upon version or source.

During the editing process the editor may notice things which they cannot determine how to properly change or which they believe the author should consider. These would be discussed with the author before the editing process is finalized.

Edited Manuscript Options

There are three options available for handling of the edited manuscript:

1. Proceed directly to book formatting.

2. Receive updated manuscript in Microsoft Word file (.doc) format reflecting all changes. Author reviews, makes any desired changes, and returns for book formatting.

3. Receive manuscript in Microsoft Word file (.doc) format showing all changes using the Microsoft Word “Track Changes” tool. Author reviews and either accepts or rejects each change, makes any additional desired changes, and returns for book formatting.

Determining Word Count

All words in the manuscript are counted, regardless of length. For Microsoft Word files, open the manuscript file and determine the word count from the Statistics tab of the Properties window under the File menu. For WordPerfect files, open the manuscript file and determine the word count from the Information tab of the Properties window under the File menu. For Microsoft Works files, open the manuscript file and determine the word count by selecting Word Count under the Tools menu.

If for any reason you are not sure how to determine the word count, feel free to send the manuscript file to us and we will promptly let you know the word count.

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