Prepare to Pace Yourself

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It might seem quite exciting to have all kinds of romantic ideas and suggestions floating through your head at this point, but it is important to remember that romance can’t be rushed or piled on all at once.  If it is, all of the intentions behind every move will be lost or misinterpreted.  It is important to keep in mind that romance is best when you don’t misrepresent yourself or who you are to your spouse, you always start with the basics and you move forward a single step at a time.

If you change your mental attitude so that you can commit yourself to creating romance in your marriage, you can make just about anything romantic.  As difficult as it might seem, with the right mindset you can make cleaning the toilet a romantic task.  On the other hand, without a committed romantic attitude, you can take a beautiful stroll on a moonlit beach and turn it into an unhappy and uncomfortable experience.

You must have some sort of feelings for your spouse or you wouldn’t be interested in improving your marriage by adding romance.  Romance is simply about taking action on how you feel towards your spouse.  Because love is a feeling, your spouse can’t see the proof in the emotion because it is something that isn’t tangible and can be seen or touched.  You feel the love for your spouse and the romance is the action that comes about as a result of that love.  Romance will start as a new attitude with the right intentions, but it must grown beyond.  It must be able to show your spouse how much you love him or her through actions in words, presents, gentle caresses and more.

Once you become a beginning romantic and you are well into your romantic thought processes, you will find that your spouse is truly appreciative of all the little things that you do for him or her.  It’s the small things you’ve added to your daily lives like making sure he or she knows their loved before anything else is said or the phone call for no particular reason other than to tell them that they are on your mind.  These small actions tend to stay with the other person longer and have more of an impact than expensive, materialistic gifts.

Most marriages suffer from a bland and generic form of romance born of obligation.  These couples honor Valentine’s Day, birthdays and anniversaries only because it is necessary if they want to be able to sleep in their own bed that night.  Special marriages that others find enviable take advantage of a rarer form of romance that is practiced as more of an option than an obligation.  These couples choose to be romantic not because they have to, but because they want to.  While they still honor the ‘obligatory’ special days, all of the other days are just as special because they have made them that way with each other.

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