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You are never too old to play games.  Well, there are some games you shouldn’t be playing at this point in your relationship.  You shouldn’t be playing on his or her guilt and you shouldn’t be manipulating in order to get what you want.  Those games are unacceptable, inappropriate and they will only serve to deteriorate any trust and respect that might exist in your marriage.  The kind of games I’m talking about includes having fun with each other.  You can have fun with each other every single day you are married!  Fun only takes a moment or you can take much longer if you have the time.  Fun and love go hand in hand as well as allow a partnership to grow in laughter and trust.

Start playing games with each other on a regular basis.  You can play board games or you can make up games of your own.  Try role-playing games!  They can be plain silly or they can turn into very intimate encounters.  The wonderful thing about playing games with your spouse is that you learn a great deal about each other while building trust.  You can even reenact wonderful times you’ve had together.  If you had an incredible first date, go back to the place you had your date, relive the moments and even try to reenact the most special moments.

You may not know about it, but you might actually know a couple whom already plays a very common yet private game among couples.  It’s basically a ‘hide and seek’ game that goes on, well, forever!  You and your spouse choose an object and you each take turns to ‘return’ it to the other in creative ways.  Some spouses have had the objects expressed mailed to them, others hid it in a place special to their spouse and other couples used intermediate individuals to deliver the object like flight attendants or waiters.

True trust can come from playing games in the bedroom- as well as a ton of fun!  Start your morning by planning to make love that night.  Try to keep ‘foreplay’ going all day long.  Call your spouse with reminders and teasers about what is going to happen, what you want to do and how your partner makes you feel.  By the time you both reach the bedroom, you will both feel as if you’ve spent hours at foreplay.

Play some fun games while you’re out with your spouse.  When you are at the mall, commit to kissing every time you see another couple holding hands.  (Unfortunately, you might not be kissing as often as you think.)  Kiss at each stop sign or stop light.  Make love at unusual locations like changing rooms, rest stops or restrooms. 

Role-playing is a popular game among adults.  One of the most popular role-playing games is to pretend you aren’t married and you are having an affair with each other.  Carry out all of the actions you think might be involved in an affair including how you would act, what you would do and where you would go. 

Devote a day to both of you as a couple.  Take some of these ideas or some of your own ideas and use them in order to spend time together, learn about each other and laugh as hard as you can.

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