Moving on Up!

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It is necessary to go through the beginning steps or ‘level 1’ of romance in order to move on to bigger and better levels of romance.  After you’ve done all of the traditional things most couples consider to be romantic like chocolates, flowers, jewelry, lingerie, cards, perfume, movies and dinner at fancy restaurants, you are only scratching the surface of the world of romance.  While the classics never go out of style, they can become monotonous and lose their novelty.  When you are putting effort into being romantic, you will lose your original intent in the monotony of your gestures without growth.  If you have a desire for your marriage to endure as well as prosper, you’ve got to be willing to grow through the romantic process.

Once you have exhausted all of the traditional ‘romantic’ gestures over a period of time, you no doubt realized that timing had a great deal to with the outcome of any romantic effort.  When it comes to romance, timing is crucial.  In order to continue growing in the art of romance, you will have to create an element of surprise in order to keep things fresh, exciting, fun and original.  In order to create surprises, you will need to work on perfecting your timing. 

Timing also has another meaning as your romance grows.  You need to pay attention and be sensitive to your partner’s involvement at the time of your gift.  If he or she is trying to lose weight, then you should never even consider giving him or her chocolate or candy.  If he or she is preoccupied with work, they may not have the time to appreciate grand gesture that you worked so hard to plan and you will both end up feeling frustrated and disappointed at the results.  Hold on to your big ideas until things are a little less hectic in your lives so that both you and your spouse can savor your romantic efforts.

Once you’ve moved into more advanced levels of romance, you can do something that is so simply yet should be very well received. Whenever you go to a party or other social event, flirt with him or her just a little bit.  Once you’ve done this a few times, pretend you are living out a ‘pick-up’ fantasy with him or her but don’t let any of the other guests know what is going on.  Continue with your fantasy all the way home (giggling is allow, but don’t let it spoil the mood!). 

At the next social gathering, ‘pick him or her up’ again, but continue with the fantasy at the party.  While you are at the party, sneak off together to have wild, passionate sex.  You will both probably talk about that night for some time to come!  (Especially if you get caught, so remember to lock the door!)  Once you’ve completed your romantic wooing, take a break for a while before starting again.  Imagine the build of anticipation for the climax (pun is intended) of your game.

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