Mark Your “New” Beginnings By Making Memories

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As you and your partner begin exploring your romantic sides and you are both providing new and creative ways in which to express your love for one another, you may find that you want to do what you can to hold on to as many of these memories as possible.  Consider starting a ‘memory’ chest or box with your spouse where you can place all of the important and considerate items that will remind you how romantic your experiences have been. 

If you and your spouse have started to enjoy spending nights out on the town together, you can begin by saving what you collect while you are out and about.  Keep all of your theater ticket stubs, movie theater stubs, concert ticket stubs and even restaurant receipts if you choose.  If you eat somewhere that offers matchbooks or something comparable, you might want to begin picking one up and putting it in a special box when you arrive at home.  For a more organized version of this, those who love scrapbooking can create a scrapbook around these items or you can simply place them in photo albums so that you and your spouse can go back to see all that you have experienced together.

Some couples love to go on vacation together and romance can play a huge role in most of them.  Tropical or mild vacation destinations are quite popular and can provide a number of romantic items that can return home at little or no cost.  You can collect shells or fill a small bottle of sand marked with the beach it came from to keep at home.  I know one family that collected seashells and surrounded the base of their swimming pool with them!  For couples that prefer to take both tropical and wintry vacations, the colder climates provide similarly beautiful trinkets for couples to collect like pinecones and even melted snow!

If you and your spouse enjoy wine and/or champagne, start saving the labels and corks from the bottles.  You can save them in plastic bags marked with the occasion and any other notable information from when the beverage was used.  For couples who enjoy road trips, keep maps from all of the journeys you’ve taken together or keep a large map on the wall at home so that you can mark where you’ve been with pushpins.

Make your own special memories just by staying at home.  Challenge each other romantically by trying to agree on the most romantic kiss that has even been in a movie.  Buy that movie and try to recreate that kiss with each other!  Place the movie in your memory box and revisit it frequently.  If you can’t agree on just one kiss, name the top five and repeat the aforementioned steps with all five!  Next, try and agree on the most romantic song ever made.  Buy the CD (or download the single and burn it) and dance with each other to that song.  Place the song in your memory box and again, dance to it frequently.

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