Gifts for the Event Planning Professional

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When it comes to giving birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, or presents for another type of occasion there are many questions surrounding which types of gifts to give to whom. One individual that is really troubling, but has plenty of options, is the event planning professional. There are plenty of gift ideas for the event planning professional, but some of the gifts that could be given to him or her just seem like a no-brainer that they are rarely ever thought of. However, if you know of an event planner and there is a special occasion coming up where a present needs to be purchased for him or her then here are some great suggestions any event planner would love to receive:

A Brand New Organizer

There are all different types of organizers on the market today and chances are that a smart event planning professional will have some type of schedule book or contraption to keep track of all the different events that he or she needs to have planned. However, not knowing what type of organizer that the event planner has will make purchasing an organizer all the more difficult. On the other hand, one suggestion to use when looking for the perfect gift is to just buy the latest organizer or scheduler that has hit the markets. An example of this would be a Palm Pilot system or even a new Blackberry handheld organizer. Both of these systems will allow anyone to utilize a contact list that will allow virtually all of their contacts in one place as well as a little calendar so they'll be able to keep track of all their events!

Portable USB Flash Drives

The perfect gift for anyone who needs extra space, especially when they're traveling. A portable USB flash drive could be the perfect gift, though, because event planning professionals usually have some sort of information that they need to store digitally! If you do decide to buy that special person a portable flash drive, however, one suggestion for a gift would be to buy one that is large enough to accommodate a lot of information at one time. There are all sizes of flash drives, but finding one that is  at least 10 Gigabytes would be best for someone who is serious about event planning and marketing their own business.

Address Book or Contact Book

Another gift that would be great for an event planning professional would be an address or contact book. Even though contact lists are usually stored digitally in today's world, there are always situations that occur that could suddenly render your piece of technology useless! For this reason it's always a great idea to have hard-copy backups of the information that you need most!

There are plenty of other gifts that would come in handy for an event planning professional, such as a beeper, a new cell phone, or even writing utensils! However, the things listed above are certain to be a big hit with anyone who receives them!

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