Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend, but Other Gemstones will Do!

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While jewelry is typically considered a gift for women, the girls can pay attention to these suggestions for special adornments intended for their husbands. 

Jewelry is an incredibly popular gift for one spouse to present to another.  Jewelry is often exchanged on holidays like Christmas, Anniversaries, Valentine’s Day and other days celebrating special events.  Did you know that jewelry is the most appreciated when it is given without any particular requirement like a holiday or specific celebration?  If you are considering a romantic gesture, you should think about presenting your spouse with jewelry for no particular reason at all.

Diamonds are always a popular choice when it comes to jewelry, but gold, silver and other gemstones on their own can be just as popular.  Did you that each month has a gemstone dedicated to it and each gemstone has its own special symbolic meaning?  If you really want to blow him or her away, you can select a particular gemstone because of it’s the significance it has with a particular month or because of its own special meaning.

There are twelve months in the year, so there are twelve gemstones with their own significant meaning.  January’s gemstone is a garnet and it represents faith and stability.  February’s gemstone is amethyst and it represents sincerity and happiness.  March’s gemstone is aquamarine and represents hope and bravery.  April’s gemstone is a diamond, which represents joy and innocence.  May’s gemstone is an emerald and represents peace and tranquility.  June’s gemstone is a pearl, which represents wisdom and pureness.  July’s gemstone is a ruby and it represents passion and nobility.  August’s gemstone is sardonyx and it stands for power and joy.  September’s gemstone is a sapphire, which represents honesty and hope.  October’s gemstone is an opal and stands for confidence and sweet love.  November’s gemstone is topaz and it stands for friendship and faithfulness.  December’s gemstone is turquoise, which stands for understanding and success.

Sometimes the delivery of the jewelry is almost as important as the selection of the right piece.  There are movies and personal accounts of how individuals have delivered a special trinket to their loved ones.  One of the most popular delivery methods seems to be through food!  People either place a ring or other piece of jewelry in champagne or other clear beverage or they bake the jewelry into a special treat like a pie or cake.  What you don’t hear about in these stories is that you have to be careful of a few things.  First of all, make sure your loved one doesn’t choke on their gift!  Secondly, check with your jeweler before placing any type of jewelry in food.  Did you know that rubies crack when they are heated and that pearls will dissolve in champagne? 

If you are buying jewelry that is intended to last a lifetime, you are most likely going to spend a good deal of money on a single piece.  In order to make sure you are getting you money’s worth, you should know more about what you are buying.  Check with the jewelry information center at for additional information.

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