Conquering Your Fear of the Love Note

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No matter how the subject is approached, almost everyone has a fear of writing his or her very own love letters!  The reason behind this may be that those blessed enough to be able to master the art of the written word have given the rest of us impossible shoes to fill.  We believe that our love notes must be eloquent, intelligent and loaded with symbolic meaning.  We struggled to find meaning in most of our high school required reading- how on earth can we possibly create our own?  The good news is that anyone can write a successful, meaningful and touching love letter.  The key to it is adding just the right amount of romance in the way that you do it!

When you attempt to write a love note, don’t approach it with the mindset that you must write it in the way that someone like Shakespeare would have written it (although if you have such a talent, don’t let it go to waste).  Love notes usually have a single intention and that is to convey how much one person loves another person.  For example, if you were to walk into the bathroom and see that your spouse had left a simple message of “I Love You!” with soap or lipstick on the mirror, wouldn’t you feel as if you had just received a very special love message?  (It’s only fair that the author of the note on the mirror should clean it up!)

If you are able to come up with a love letter you are happy with that you want to send to your spouse but you want to be able to do it in a special way, you can!  Cut the letter into puzzle-shaped pieces (not too small, they shouldn’t be too hard to put back together) and mail them to him or her.  If you really want to make him or her work for it, only mail a single piece each day.

When you feel that you simply aren’t creative enough for a love note, you must remember that love notes can be communicated in a number of different ways.  Walk in the door with a bunch of balloons that you wrote “I love you” on each one.  Buy a package of post-it notes, write “I love you” on each one and ‘decorate’ the entire house with them.  Write a bunch of little notes or simply “I love you” on the eggs in the refrigerator.  You can also add your own personal touches by drawing funny faces or silly little sayings on the eggs.

Take the time to browse the newspaper every day and look for loving, funny or even suggestive headlines and cut each one of them out.  It may take several days or even weeks depending on the news, but once you have a dozen or so mail the bunch of clippings to your spouse.

Finally, the ultimate love note is more like a classic gesture.  Find a tree that is special to both of you either in your own yard, at a favorite park, etc. and take him or her to the tree after you have carved your initials into it enclosed with a heart.

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