Traveling Nurse: How do Travel Nurses Find New Work Assignments

To anyone who has spent weeks and even months combing the classified section of their local newspapers looking for jobs, or the person working out of a temp agency who can only find employment that lasts for a couple of days or a few weeks it seems incomprehensible that a travel nurse is able to finish working on one assignment, pack their bags, and move seamlessly onto a new assignment in a different state. A good travel nurse doesn't have to return to their home town if they time their assignments right. It might sound incomprehensible but that is what happens If you stop to consider the situation travel nurses aren't really employed by the hospitals and medical facilities where they are working. Travel nurses are technically employed by the nursing agency. The agency gives each travel nurse a travel allowance. They find and in some cases fund the travel nurse's housing. They make sure that the travel nurse is legally able to work in each state. Most importantly the travel nurse's agency is the place where the paychecks come from.
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